5 TOP Custom Dog Art And Portrait Businesses: Custom Artist Paintings

Custom dog art is a great way to honor and celebrate your pup – especially a good portrait!

When people decide to get a dog, they often do not understand how quickly and deeply the bond will grow. We have a seven-month-old dog (called Bingo!) and the first few months we had him were a real struggle.

He was difficult with our young kids, and the extra workload was hard. We honestly wondered if we should keep him.

However, now we’re into a good routine, things have settled down, and we couldn’t live without him. He is truly a treasured friend. With all their unique habits and quirks, dogs quickly become treasured members of the family.

As a result, many owners decide to get custom dog art to proudly display in their homes. It can be challenging to find high-quality customized dog art, so we have sourced some good pet portrait companies in the article below.

Custom Dog Portraits

While it’s really cool if you can paint your own custom dog art, not all of us are so skilled.

I know that I will never even attempt to paint my pets – my skills lie mostly in naming them!

Thankfully, there are some really good companies out there who are able to create the art for you. Often, you can even choose the style of artwork, including the type of drawing medium.

You might like your artist to create your art in:

  • Charcoal
  • Pencil sketch
  • Oil, acrylic, or watercolor paint
  • Colored pencil drawing

It’s really up to you. You might just want a canvas print of your favorite picture of your dog.

Here are some online pet art companies that can make your custom dog painting project happen!

1. CanvasPop Customizable Dog Portraits

custom dog portraits

For people interested in exceptional dog canvas art, CanvasPop is an excellent place to start.

The company offers a ‘100% love it guarantee’ for customers who are unhappy with the final product.

If you’re unhappy with the result, you can contact the company, which would then either create a new portrait or issue a full refund. This should give you confidence that you’ll end up with something that you love.

The frames are either 0.75″ or 1.25″ deep, with sizing options ranging from 16″ x16″ to 32″ x40″. In addition to this, the canvases are resistant to both fading and water damage.

2. ILovePaws.com Custom Dog Prints

willow the dog

ILovePaws is a digital pet art company that specializes in custom dog portraits.

The company employs a variety of artists, so you can browse through their online portfolios and take a look at their work.

This is an important step because artists will all have different styles, and you want to work with one who will match your vision.

ILovePaws will also give you the option to choose between modern, photo, or painting styles for your portrait.

You can also select the canvas color and size that you want. Your sizing selections may vary depending on how many pets you want in the artwork.

You might even be able to get a portrait of both you and your dog – or even your dog sitting on your lap!

3. CustomSticker.com Custom Dog Stickers

custom dog art stickers

In addition to dog portraits, dog lovers also choose to make dog images into other customized products.

Custom dog stickers are very popular. Customsticker.com is a company that specializes in custom stickers. You just need to upload your dog’s photos to their online design system, and they can make stickers for you quickly.

Any shape, quantity, and style are acceptable. These stickers can be easily stuck everywhere, such as the dog’s exclusive objects, or on your own computer, notebooks, etc. You could even use them to ake custom dog posters.

It’s easy to peel off the stickers without residue because of the cut line on the back of the stickers.


  • No minimum order quantity requirement
  • Quick online design system and it’s very friendly to beginners.
  • Free air shipping to the United States, Canada, England, and Australia
  • As low as $0.11/pc

4. PaintYourLife Pet Portraits

best pet portrait company

This company provides an option for customers to order hand-painted portraits of their dogs.

This artwork is all one-of-a-kind, tailored specifically to your pet. The company allows you to select the artist that you want to work with, or you could choose to have one randomly assigned to you.

You can view videos of the artists at work before you make your decision.

The artists’ mediums include:

  • Oil
  • Charcoal
  • Acrylic
  • Watercolor
  • Color pencil
  • Black pencil
  • Pastel

If you are not satisfied with the proof, the company allows for unlimited revisions until you are happy with it.

There is a 20% deposit required when you place the initial order. Once you have given your final approval, you will then pay the remainder of the fee.

These are not easy cute dog paintings, they are personalized dog paintings. They can take an artist a lot of work, so try not to expect an instant result!

5. Elephant Stock Dog Wall Art

Elephant Stock is an art company that focuses on selling to commercial buyers.

Since their primary audience is commercial, the canvas prints must meet certain standards. The products remain protected from sun damage through a UV scratch-resistant coating. They are also waterproof.

Often, customers who work with Elephant Stock will choose to have a single image of a pet portrayed throughout different canvases.

For instance, the tail of your dog will start in the first canvas, the body of the dog will be in the second canvas, and the head will be in the third.

These three canvases will hang side-by-side to complete the entire image. They are fun dog art posters, prints, canvases, and wall art.

6. CanvasHQ Personalized Dog Art

Canvas HQ is a family-operated business.

The company owners take great care in the quality of their work, as they want to create a lasting representation of your pet. The artists will reach out to customers to make suggestions about which materials and mediums would work best with their desired image.

Customers appreciate this because they may not realize that some types of materials will work better than others.

Another demonstration of the company’s customer service skills is when the package arrives at the customer’s home.

They include mounting hardware in the package, so it is easy to affix to the wall. This reduces the amount of work and frustration for the customer, which is always preferred.

Custom pet art like this is also a good way of remembering and saying goodbye to pet.

7. Etsy Dog Canvas Painting

best custom dog art

Etsy is an online marketplace that offers many different products for sale. Many artists work on the website and sell hand-crafted items, making it a great place to purchase high-quality dog art.

With Etsy, you can scroll through hundreds of different types of artworks until you find one that catches your eye.

Etsy has more variety than many websites in that the artwork is not limited to only portraits. It could also include pet pillows, blankets, jewelry, and dog clothing items.

Many artists will communicate one-on-one with the customer, making sure that they completely understand the desired specifications.

There is usually more opportunity for customizable options, as the artist is not working at the large-scale operations of a big company.

Most problems with these types of orders come from damage through incorrect shipping. It’s rare, but make sure you inspect your personalized dog prints closely on arrival.

And when it comes time to shift house, check out this guide from Moving Expertise on how to pack pictures for moving.

Best Custom Dog Art

Custom dog art is a great way to display your lovely pet to all the world.

While funny dog portraits like the one in the video above are a good idea, there’s nothing wrong with a simple real painting from a photograph.

Whatever your style of painting is, there’s someone out there who can take care of it for you.

Animal portraits also make for wonderful dog death gifts – there’s really no better way to commemorate and celebrate the life of a pet.

If you or a friend have recently lost a pet, definitely consider it.

For those with a crafty bent, check out these animal SVG cut files – you might be able to make something rather than painting it!

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