7 REASONS: Why Does My Dog Sit And Lay On Me?

Why does my dog sit on me?

It’s a common question that most dog owners ask from time to time.

I have an Alsatian Labrador cross and he loves to sit and lay on me. The problem is he weighs over 70 lbs so it can be somewhat suffocating, not to mention painful.

It’s not so bad if you have a small dog breed like a French Bulldog, but it’s still a fun question to find the answer to.

Why Do Dogs Sit On You?

why do dogs sit on you

Dogs are the most loyal creature on earth.

They are also very intelligent. They have a sense of humor and want to enjoy themselves with us too.

But why do they always want to sit on or lay in your lap?

For the most part, they just want to be close to you. Dogs bond with their owners and sometimes they just to be as close as can be.

Also, if you let them do it, they will!

My wife, for example, could possibly be killed by our dog sitting on her, plus she just doesn’t appreciate it. She doesn’t let Bingo sit on her, and so he doesn’t. He knows he’s not allowed.

She trained him since he was a puppy not to do it. When he tried, she would put him on a puppy leash tied to another piece of furniture so that he would learn.

It’s similar to how we stopped the dog sitting on the couch.

However, I’m quite partial to Bingo sitting in my lap, and he knows that. Therefore, he will try to sit on my lap at any opportunity. He doesn’t actually find it that comfortable, because he’s so big, so he’ll usually hop down after about a minute anyway.

Here are some more reasons your dog wants to sit on you.

Why Do Dogs Sit On Your Lap?

What are the reasons?

There are a few reasons, and we will try to find that out here one by one.

1. A show of dominance

Sometimes dogs will sit and lay on us as a sign of dominance.

It’s always important to show them that you are the boss, especially if they show any aggression, so make sure you get them off you when you want to and don’t let them control everything.

2. To leave their scent

As we all know, dogs love to leave their scent wherever they can.

When they sit and lay on you they will be leaving something of a mark upon you, especially if they are a dog breed that sploots.

3. Dogs are friendly and social

Similar to what I said before, dogs just want to be close to their owners. They’re pack animals.

Friendly dogs in particular will even want to sit in the laps of anyone else who will let them.

4. Dogs are very social animals

They want to be very close to people. We can easily imagine that dogs want to play with us. So it is expected they are asking you to play with him.

5. Protection

Your dog may want to sit or lay on you as a form of protection.

In certain situations, they may think they are guarding you and keeping you safe.

6. Scared

Your dog might be scared and want to be comforted.

Are they coming to you when they are anxious and worried about something? Not all dogs will be like this, but some might.

7. A sign of trust

Ultimately, your dog wanting to sit or lay on you is a sign that they trust you.

Not everyone will like it or want it but don’t be too hasty to push them away. They are a pack animal and need that physical touch and bonding just like humans.

How To Stop Your Dog Sitting On You

why does my dog sit on top of me

We have discussed why your dog wants to sit on your lap, but let us know if you have any other thoughts in the comments below.

Most dogs are very affectionate and just want to be close to us, if you can handle it, it’s not a bad thing at all.

It doesn’t matter what size dog you have, they all want to get up into our laps, but smaller breeds are definitely a bit more comfortable.

Next up, find out how to get your dog to sleep in bed with you (for those who really don’t mind being close to their dog)!

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