7 TOP Rimless Aquariums: Seamless, Edgeless, Frameless Fish Tanks

What is the best rimless aquarium?

You can achieve a much better look with a rimless aquarium than you can with a framed tank.

Rimless tanks are simply made of glass and silicon, resulting in an unobstructed view of your fish and plants. Framed tanks obscure large parts of your fish tank and prevent you from being able to enjoy it from all angles.

Don’t get a fish tank with a thick frame, choose a seamless aquarium without rims. After many hours of research, here are the best rimless tanks that you can buy online!

Best Rimless Tank

Landen Seamless Fish Tank

  • 8mm thick low-iron glass
  • 25 gallon tank & other sizes available
  • High craftmanship on silicon rimming

Aqueon Rimless Tank

  • Does have a bottom frame for support
  • Available in 1 gal to 10 gal
  • Leveling mat included
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Aqueon Starter Kit

  • Starter kit includes topper with LED lighting
  • QuietFlow power filter & cartridge, 50W heater, & other accessories
  • US made 10 gal glass tank

AquaMaxx Rimless Aquarium

  • Low-iron glass, polished edges, leak tested
  • 10 different sizes from 2.6 gal - 32 gal
  • Available in cube or rectangular shape

Red Sea Reefer Tanks

  • Top of the line PRO rimless tank
  • From 34 gal to 200 gal buying options
  • Includes marine-spec cabinet
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The benefits of a rimless tank include:

  • Unobstructed views into the tank
  • Easier access into the tank
  • Easily see the water line for top-ups
  • Easier to clean as gunk doesn’t adhere as much to the corners of a rimless fish tank as to the bracing on a rimmed tank

The best rimless fish tanks are made from a special type of glass, quite different than regular household glass.

It is a higher quality, low iron glass which gives a higher level of transparency and clarity. Low iron glass takes out the green-blue hue that can be seen in some thicker glass products.

You also want to look for an aquarium brand that is known for superb silicone work (with aquarium-safe silicone). There is nothing worse than getting a new tank with messy, poorly finished silicone edging.

Generally speaking, if a tank is made in the US, it will have been completed with a high level of craftsmanship.

Here are our top 7 picks.

1. Landon Rimless Aquarium – 12 sizes

rimless fish tank

The Landon Rimless Fish Tanks are our top pick for all-around best rimless aquarium.

They are affordable, reliable, good-looking, and can be delivered to your door safely.

Some of the sizes that are available include:

  • 25 gallon
  • 32 gallon
  • 54 gallon

But there are 12 different sizes altogether, from 2-gallon to 72-gallon.

This tank has 8mm thick glass. The glass is crystal clear, low iron glass for excellent clarity.

This is a good quality tank made by expert tank craftsmen. It has a high standard of work on silicone rimming, guaranteed to be neat and tidy. This is another great tank to set up as a planted aquarium.

There are many Landon fish tanks so it’s difficult to accurately give the specs of all of them here. As with everything else, they are always going in and out of stock as well! However, here are some general features and specs.


  • 8mm thick glass
  • 91%+ transparency
  • great 25 or 30 gal size
  • expert silicon application
  • leveling mat included
  • shipped in steel/wooden case


  • no cover included
  • quite pricey

2. BEGONDIS Low-Iron Rimless Aquarium

seamless fish tank

This BEGONDIS aquarium is very small at only 2.2 gallons.

However, it’s of good quality, having been manufactured with great attention to detail, and each being individually leak tested.

They are made from low-iron glass, giving you the clearest, most seamless fish tank. BEGONDIS employs thicker glass than regular tanks for increased rigidity.

Alongside this, an exclusive ‘made only for aquatics’ silicon glue ensures that each aquarium will last for the long haul.

This tank is somewhat cheaper than other alternatives, so it’s not the best of the best, but it’s positively reviewed and will do the job!


  • cube or rectangular
  • each unit inspected
  • 5 mm extra thick glass
  • low-iron glass >91% clarity
  • free shipping


  • largest size only 2.2 gal

3. Small Aqueon Seamless Aquarium

best rimless aquarium

This is a good 10-gallon rimless aquarium.

Aqueon tanks have been popular for many years and can be trusted to be at a high level of quality.

This tank is fully rimless, as it does have a casing around the bottom edges. The sides, which are most important for fish viewing, are finished only with silicon.

This would make a great tank for a betta fish – she’ll have a lot of room to enjoy.


  • polished, beveled edges
  • suitable for salt or freshwater
  • clear supports for the top included
  • quality clear glass


  • cover not included
  • not low iron glass
  • not always available for online purchase

4. Cheap Aqueon Rimless Fish Tank

rimless aquarium starter kit

This rimless aquarium for sale is basically the same as the tank above but has everything you need to get started.

The starter kit includes a top with lighting, a filter, heater, water conditioner, premium fish food, a fishnet, and a sticker thermometer for monitoring the water temperature.

Perfect for the beginner aquarist with something like Glofish.


  • very cheap
  • many accessories included
  • great starter manual
  • made in the USA
  • 5 stage filtration


  • not low iron glass

5. Small Ultum Nature Seamless Fish Tanks

rimless aquarium for sale

This Ultum Nature Systems tank is available in 3 sizes: 2.1 gallons, 2.9 gallons, and 4.1 gallons.

It has been carefully handcrafted and has a special laser-etched logo. This type of rimless tank is great for aquascaping.


  • 2.1 gallon tank: 7.9 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches
  • 2.9 gallon tank: 12 .2 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches
  • 4.1 gallon tank: 9.9 x 9.9 x 9.9 inches

While I personally think 3-gallon tanks and smaller are really too small to keep any fish in (besides sea-monkies), the 4.1 gallon tank would be OK for a small fish.


  • long, shallow, and tall varieties
  • edges have been mitered 45 degrees
  • diamante glass with 91% clarity
  • joins finished with quality German silicon
  • includes a black nano-foam leveling mat
  • top reviews


  • no cover included

6. Large 66 Gallon Rimless Aquarium


rimless tank and stand

This SCA 66 Gallon Aquarium is a large rimless fish tank.

It comes with a black cabinet and built-in overflow.

They sell a range of tanks with and without stands, for example, you can get the 66 gallon tank alone here (without the cabinet).

It comes with:

  • 66 gallon tank made with 10 mm thick Starfire glass (low-iron, high clarity glass)
  • Filter media and bio-balls
  • Quiet high volume overflow system with a dual return – diamond polished glass edges
  • 3 camber glass sump
  • SCA-302 180 gallon skimmer with PH2000 needle wheel pump
  • PH2500 utility return pump


  • large tank for variety of fish
  • good for salt or fresh water tank
  • comes with many inclusions
  • comes with a stand
  • built in overflow


  • no cover included
  • requires multiple people to move

7. Red Sea Reefer Frameless Aquariums

best rimless fish tank

This is a beautiful tank for those wanting a top-of-the-line aquarium.

Red Sea Reefer is a well-known and trusted manufacturer of high-quality marine products. This tank is a top-spec unit, that comes with a stylish black cabinet.

It includes a comprehensive water management system, including a professional sump with an integrated automatic top-up, and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.


  • ultra-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium
  • elegant marine-spec cabinet
  • professional sump
  • constant height skimmer chamber
  • silent, regulated down-flow system
  • emergency overflow


  • costly

Rimless Aquarium

best rimless aquarium

Rimless aquariums are much nicer than thick-rimmed tanks and create a much better impression.

When the rimless tanks are constructed by a reputable manufacturer, there is no reason to worry about leaking silicone seals.

While most of these tanks are best for freshwater setups, some of them would be great

As you will have seen, there is a good range of options available at different price points and with different features, so there should be one that suits you perfectly.

Also, check out these 75-gallon aquariums or these 10-gallon fish tanks for more options.

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