What Are The Best Dog Death Gifts? One Idea: A Custom Dog Painting

What are the best dog death gifts?

I remember the emptiness around the house when my Jack Russell Jed died a couple of years ago. We had to put him down after cancer took hold of his body.

It’s always really sad to lose a pet, but losing a dog can be particularly hard because they are such a huge part of your life.

When I lost my dog, a friend had a great picture of Jed and me framed up to put on the wall. It really helped and was a great gesture. Now we have Bingo who you can see drinking raw milk in this post or eating raw chicken in this post (he likes raw)!

Besides having a picture put in a frame, another idea is a dog portrait painting. Here’s a little more information about this type of dog death gift.

Best Dog Death Gifts

dog death gifts

What’s important when it comes to pet sympathy gifts is that they adequately honor the pet that has passed away.

Most often, the best gifts include a picture of the dog that has died.

Images can be applied cheaply to all sorts of goods through various online printing stores. They can be done up to be hung on the wall, put on t-shirts, and everything else.

A picture on a mug might be a little bit tacky, but you never know!

If you have a higher budget to buy a gift for someone whose dog has died, our recommendation is to get a painting done up from a photo.

And, if your pet is still with you, it’s a good idea to have a professional photographer capture him or her.

A Painting From A Photo

best dog death gift

This is a great gift idea for someone whose dog has died – the results are stunning.

Find one of the best photos of the dog and have it turned into a handmade pet portrait. Companies like PortraitFlip can do this.

Painted portraits are a wonderful way to capture and memorialize a dog that has passed on. It will certainly be treasured forever.

There’s something classier and more significant about having a custom painting of a dog rather than simply framing a photograph.

These dog portrait paintings can be completed in as little as 2 weeks and shipped anywhere in the world.

They do cost a bit more than framing a picture, but if your budget is a little higher, it will make for an excellent dog bereavement gift.

Dog Portrait Examples

best pet portraits

This painted dog portrait is done by compiling images from three different photographs – that’s one option if you want to fit multiple dogs in!

You have the option of getting a portrait done:

  • With only a sole dog
  • With multiple dogs
  • On with dog/dogs and people

I think that for a dog death gift, a picture of the dog and the owner is always really nice.

At least, if you’re able to find a good picture for the artist to work from!

If you’re trying to keep the gift a surprise it could be a little difficult.

Types Of Pet Paintings

gift ideas for loss of pet

These pet portraits can be done in a range of styles:

  • charcoal
  • pencil sketch
  • oil painting
  • acrylic painting
  • watercolor painting
  • colored pencil drawing

Each style has its own pricing depending on the work required to complete the piece.

If you know what type of art style your friend likes best, go with that, otherwise, try and find out!

Custom Pet Portraits

The ultimate dog loss gift would be to paint your own custom dog portrait – if you have the skills!

Even if you are only an amateur painter, this could still be a great idea. Sometimes the handmade gifts are the most treasured and will be more than sufficient for a dog death gift.

What would you like to receive to remember your dog?

Let us know down in the comments!

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