10 Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches To Keep Your Bunny Safe

What is the best outdoor rabbit hutch?

Rabbits make awesome pets! If you have the pleasure of owning one, then you’ll want to give it some time outdoors. Your rabbit needs to breathe fresh air, watch the life outside, and get some exercise and green grass.

The best way to provide him with all this is to invest in the best outside rabbit hutch. So, we’ve put together this guide to help you pick one for your little furry friend.

Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

quality rabbit hutches


The great thing about hutches is that they allow rabbits to stay outdoors while protecting them from predators. As you know, rabbits are pretty vulnerable, so their safety should be the most important factor when picking a reliable shelter.


If you don’t feel like making your own rabbit hutch, as we did for one of our rabbits (Annie – pictured above), here are our top recommendations for outdoor rabbit areas. Many of these rabbit hutches should be complemented with a strong metal rabbit run, and you can add a rabbit carry cage like we do if you have enough room!


BAIJIAWEI Wooden Bunny Cage

  • East to set up and maintain
  • Great access for cleaning
  • Safe for rabbits
View On AmazonGood Alternative

Tractor Supply Co Hutches

  • Use chicken coop for stronger hutch
  • More space for more bunnies
  • Protects against predators
View On Tractor Supply CoGood Alternative

Chewy Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

  • Raised off the ground
  • 2 stories & easy to clean
  • Well ventilated
View On ChewyGood Alternative

Pet Pro Supply Bunny Cages

  • Allows rabbits to eat grass
  • Private hiding area for rabbit
  • Strong if set against a wall
View On Pet Pro SupplyGood Alternative

Petsfit Bunny Hutch

  • Cheaper option for low budget
  • Easy access to grab bunny
  • Good for warm climates
View On Amazon

Petsfit Small Rabbit Enclosure

  • Cute option for small rabbits
  • Nicely decorated
  • Easy to clean trays
View On Amazon

New Age Hutch For Rabbits

  • Small rabbit hutch
  • Use with outside rabbit run
  • Well designed for eay use
View On Pet Pro Supply

Aivituvin Outdoor Rabbit Run

  • Removable bottom PVC layer
  • Holds up to 2 rabbits
  • Strong wire netting for protection
View On Amazon

B BAIJIAWEI Wooden Rabbit Hutch

best outdoor rabbit hutch

With its great features and sturdy construction, you might consider getting this hutch for your little bunny.


Better yet, its spacious interior allows you to put 2-3 rabbits inside where they could run, sleep, or hop. Plus, we couldn’t help but admire the way this hutch is built. The roof is made of weather-resistant asphalt, the durable structure is wooden, and the paint is non-toxic.


In fact, you’ll find that the windows are secured with wire to keep your precious pets from escaping. The structure comes with 3 doors for easy access. Also, there are two built-in sliding trays underneath, which you can remove effortlessly to clean.



  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Great for 2-3 rabbits
  • Offers a lot of playing space
  • Includes a ramp
  • Budget-friendly


  • Sliding trays only fit a thin layer of bedding


Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


outdoor rabbit hutch winter

If you live in an area with a lot of animals that eat rabbits then it might be a good idea to instead purchase a chicken coop to use as a rabbit hutch.


Coops are larger than most hutches and are a lot more sturdy, making them good for rabbits on both counts. Bunnies love snuggling up in the nesting boxes, and these are generally a better idea especially if you have 2 or more rabbits. They also make for a good outdoor rabbit hutch in winter.


We recommend viewing the entire range over at Tractor Supply Company – they have some of the strongest and safest rabbit hutches (and chicken coops) around. Best especially if your rabbit is a full-time outdoor bunny.



  • Lots of space
  • Stronger and sturdier
  • Holds many rabbits


  • More time to set up
  • Costs more


Kaytee 2-Story Wide Rabbit Cage


best outdoor bunny hutch

Although it’s approximately double the price of our first pick, this hutch by Kaytee can be perfect for your bunny.


First off, it’s available with a 2-story design to give your pets plenty of room to play and chase each other. Constructed from materials resistant to outside weather, you can trust it to keep your furry buddies protected.


Secondly, with the step-by-step guide included, you should find it easy to put together.


Also, you’ll appreciate all the extra features that it can offer you. From a nesting box hideout, to secure locks, to proper ventilation, you can leave your bunny inside it for hours.



  • Durable materials
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Slide-out trays
  • Easy to assemble
  • Secure


  • The price might be over-the-top


New Age Rabbit Hutch Outdoor


rabbit hutch with run

If you’re looking for something that falls under the mid-range price tag, then you’ve come to the right place. This rabbit hutch by New Age Pet Columbia should be convenient for one large rabbit or two small bunnies.


It consists of two levels that your pet can move between according to his desire. Even better, the lower living space allows him to sit on the grass in the shade, which should keep him cool on warm days.


The upper level is divided into two areas. One comes with an open, wired window to enjoy the view, the other is private to give your rabbit some alone time.


What makes this hutch extra special is that it’s easy to clean – you simply have to flip the roof open.



  • Easy assembly
  • Two levels
  • Includes a private space for burrowing
  • Sturdy build
  • Mid-tier price


  • Might not fit more than one rabbit


Petsfit Outside Bunny Cages

unique rabbit hutch

Ready to go back to the budget-friendly price tag? This wooden hutch by Petsfit could be the best option in this category.


It’s big enough to contain two rabbits comfortably, with two separate rooms to answer to your pet’s innermost needs. Let’s not forget that it’s made of reliable materials, just don’t put it outside when it’s raining.


What’s also great about this rabbit hutch is that its removable tray is deep enough to prevent leakage. Last but not least, we like that you can flip open the roof to put your bunny inside with ease.



  • Durable
  • Comes with two living spaces
  • Can fit 1-2 rabbits
  • Deep tray
  • The roof can be lifted for easy access and cleaning
  • Affordable


  • Not resistant to rain


Petsfit Outdoor Rabbit Enclosure


outside bunny cages

Here’s another beautiful rabbit hutch by Petsfit that we couldn’t help but fall in love with. With its cute colors and house-like design, your buddy should feel at home.


This shelter comes with two levels made of sturdy wood and durable wire openings to keep your bunny from getting away. In addition, the whole structure is quite simple to set up because it comes with pre-drilled holes.


Let’s not forget the hinged roof that you can open to put your bunny inside. This roof is made of waterproof materials to ensure that your pet can enjoy rainy weather without getting drenched.



  • Easy to assemble using pre-drilled holes
  • Pretty design
  • Two levels accessible by a ramp
  • High-quality wire to prevent escape
  • Made of sturdy wood
  • Rain-resistant
  • Mid-tier price


  • Only fits one bunny


New Age Outside Hutch for Rabbits


best rabbit hutches for sale

This shelter can bring a lot of much-needed joy into your little bunny’s life. What’s probably best about it is that it’s made of non-toxic recycled materials to channel your inner activist.


Because it’s manufactured from polymers and wood, you should find it incredibly easy to clean. Also, it’s resistant to moisture and mildew and produces no unwanted odors.


With multiple levels at your bunny’s disposal, he should have the best time of his life. It also works for your convenience since the body requires no tools to assemble.



  • Quick, tool-free assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to mold and moisture
  • Eco-friendly, recycled materials


  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for a large rabbit


Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch With Run


outdoor bunny penVIEW LATEST PRICE →

The Aivituvin rabbit hutch is quite popular on Amazon, and for good reasons.


We’ll start by saying that it’s large enough to contain 2-3 large rabbits with a lot of room to spare. It also comes with a removable PVC bottom that you can wash in a breeze.


Your rabbit will likely admire the big windows that offer a nice view of the world outside. With their wire-netting, you can rest assured that your buddy won’t escape.


The asphalt roof offers a great degree of water-resistance. On a rainy day, your bunny can still enjoy the cool weather without having to watch it all from inside your house. All in all, this hutch introduces a nice balance between value and price.



  • Spacious enough to keep 2-3 inside
  • High-quality materials
  • Sturdy wire-netting
  • Water-resistant roof
  • Deep trays to prevent leaks
  • Mid-range price


  • The wood might be vulnerable to an avid chewer


Good Life Outside Rabbit Hutch

large bunny hutch for outdoors

Another rabbit hutch your little friend might appreciate is this one by Good Life. Just like the previous one on this list, the design resembles a house with a sturdy build and a weatherproof finish.


It’s suitable for 2-3 rabbits because it’s roomy, offering several boxes that your bunnies can lounge inside. It also includes a ramp so that they can move between the upper and lower levels with ease.


Other qualities include plenty of ventilation, durable grid fences, and simple-to-clean removable trays.



  • Houses 2-3 rabbits
  • Spacious design
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Solid construction
  • Affordable


  • The removable trays aren’t deep enough


Flyline Garden Rolling Rabbit Hutch


outside rabbit cage

Here’s another cute rabbit hutch where your pet can spend plenty of time outdoors. Unlike most rabbit shelters, this one is raised from the ground to keep your buddy dry.


It also comes with a removable roof, which makes getting your bunny in and out a piece of cake. We also like that it’s made of asphalt to keep the rain away.


With 3 lockable doors, your rabbit won’t get the chance to escape. At the same time, you can rest assured that no predators will get to it. With its durable design, plenty of space, and reasonable price, this hutch might be what you’ve been looking for.



  • Spacious
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy
  • Perfect as a garden decoration
  • Asphalt removable roof
  • Affordable


  • Might be tricky to set up due to the lack of pre-drilled holes


XINAIER Outdoor Bunny Hutch

deluxe winter rabbit hutch

Last but not least, here’s a good rabbit hutch if you’re all about basic and practical design. This hutch should be suitable for 1-2 small rabbits.


It consists of one level that’s divided into two rooms. The first space is enclosed to give your pet some privacy, while the other comes with a wired window for ventilation.


Its asphalt roof is hinged for easy access, not to mention that it’s weather-resistant. All in all, we think that this hutch makes for a good deal for the price.



  • Fits 1-2 rabbits
  • Hinged asphalt roof
  • Made of solid fir wood and durable steel wire
  • Practical
  • Budget-friendly


  • Less spacious than other options on the list
  • Only one level


Important Features to Look for in an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


best bunny hutches


Looking at all these products might have left you confused about which one to buy. Luckily, you should be able to decide after considering the following points.




Leaving your rabbit outdoors for hours is a great idea, but only if its hutch includes all sorts of protective measures to keep it safe. Since rabbits can be prey for a multitude of other animals, their shelter needs to be secure. Always look for a product that’s made of durable construction, firmly locked doors, and steel wire to protect your furry buddy.




It’s essential that the dimensions of the hutch match the number of your rabbits. You don’t want to cram a lot of pets in one enclosed space. Not only will it leave them uncomfortable, but it might also cause stress, anxiety, and depression (and you might get peed on)!




Go for weather and water-resistant materials, especially if your bunny likes to watch the rain. A lot of the options that we’ve reviewed offer an asphalt roof, which can be perfect to keep the water away.


It’s a bonus if the paint is eco-friendly and non-toxic for rabbits. This will help protect the environment as well as ensure the wellbeing of your pet.


Wrapping Up


Getting the best outdoor rabbit hutch might seem tricky, but you should be able to make your decision after taking a look at our list.


Personally, we liked the B BAIJIAWEI 36″ Wooden Rabbit Cage Hutch or substituting a chicken coop for a hutch. It can offer your bunny a lot of space to sit, run, and jump. It’s also sturdy, weather-resistant, and comes with a non-toxic finish.


However, if you’re looking for a more affordable product, you may want to get the XINAIER Rabbit Hutch instead. And if none of these coops are suitable, check out the Advantek rabbit hutch!



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