Advantek Rabbit Hutch Review: Stilt House, Loft House, White Picket Fence

Is an Advantek Rabbit Hutch right for you and your bunny?

The last thing you want to buy is a rabbit hutch that is not suitable for your pet. You need it to be safe, warm, solid, and secure. Rabbits need to have a sanctuary where they feel protected from animals that could do them harm.

We’re reviewing the range of Advantek Rabbit Hutch to determine whether they are the right for you!

Advantek Rabbit Hutch

advantek rabbit hutch review

There are 3 main Advantek rabbit hutches.

The best choice for you will depend on the answers to these questions:

  • How many rabbits are you putting into the hutch?
  • How much space do you have for the cage?
  • What is your budget?
  • How tough does it need to be?
  • What style of rabbit house do you like the look of?

We’ll also share a good alternative for each of these Advantek hutches.

These alternatives will be slightly superior to Advantek and may better suit those with more aggressive rabbit predators in their area.

1. Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

The Advantek Stilt House rabbit hutch is one of the most popular Advantek hutches.

Like most rabbit hutches from pet stores, it comes in a flat pack ready for you to assemble. It’s easy to put together with a screwdriver or power drill and should take no longer than 30 minutes.

The bedding area of this hutch is raised off the ground (hence, why it is called a stilt house) which gives your rabbit greater protection. When neighborhood cats are prowling around it’s nice to know bunny can escape up top.


  • Plenty of room for a rabbit to play
  • Good for a small backyard
  • Pull-out tray to assist with cleaning
  • Small access door on top of hutch
  • Ramp for bunny to go up and down
  • Little window for bunny to keep an eye on things
  • Easily customizable for the handy person
  • Non-toxic wood treatment


  • Not suitable for large rabbit breeds
  • Made from a soft wood that your bunny may chew

The hutch looks great and could be used as an inside home for your bunnies as well.

It is reasonably small and so is not suitable for all rabbit breeds like Flemish Giants or French Lops. Smaller rabbit breeds, like Netherland Dwarfs or Mini Rex Rabbits, fit perfectly into this hutch.

The hutch is made from Cyprus fir grown in sustainable forests and is naturally insect and rot-resistant.

The wire netting, and all other metal hardware, are galvanized to prevent rusting. The waterproof asphalt roof (non-toxic) is strong and durable and actually serves to help insulate the bedding box beneath, keeping your bunny warm and toasty.

If you live in an exposed area with high winds and harsh weather this hutch would be better kept under a porch or in a garage.

2. The Advantek Loft Rabbit Hutch

The Advantek Loft Rabbit Hutch is another popular option for rabbit housing.

It is a basic two-story hutch with a bedding box up top.

This type of hutch is great for locking your furry friend in at night, when you go out, or when there are too many little children around.

However, on its own, it is not enough space for a rabbit. Your bunny will also need a larger rabbit run to move around some more.


  • Great hutch for the price
  • Quick and easy to put together
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Great access doors
  • H 36″ x W 41″ x D 15.5″


  • A bit flimsy in harsh weather
  • Prone to being blown over in the wind
  • Too small for large breeds of rabbits
  • No room for running or stretching

What we like about this hutch is the double doors at the bottom.

We have a hutch almost identical to this one (this one to be precise), it just doesn’t have the double doors. These doors make it easier to get the bunny out!

Like the Stilt House above, the loft hutch is made of Cyprus fir and is insect-repellent and rot-resistant. The hardware and wire netting are galvanized to prevent rust from the beginning.

It is best to keep this type of hutch up against a wall or to use another method to keep it sturdy.

I had the perfect area for my hutch where I could trap it in place with some bricks. It wasn’t going anywhere and I used it in conjunction with a large rabbit run.

It’s not the hutch for use with a rabbit nesting box, but you probably wouldn’t need one if your rabbit was having babies inside.

3. Advantek White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch

The Advantek White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch is another popular home for rabbits.

This cute little hutch has a larger inside area with a porch and a covered run. Made to look like a small house with a front yard and white picket fence, your bunny will feel right at home.

This hutch can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Easily assembled
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks great
  • Made from insect & rot resistant fir
  • Galvanized hardware to prevent rust
  • Good for guinea pigs as well


  • It is a small hutch
  • The wood is soft
  • A bit flimsy

Access to the inside of the hutch is either through the front door (after lifting up the run cover) or, better yet, one side of the entire roof lifts up. There is also a tray that pulls out from the bottom of the hutch to make cleaning easier.

The hutch has two windows covered with wire which may need to be covered in the winter to keep bunny warm.

If you were worried about your rabbit being cold in the winter, check out these chicken coop heaters which may be suitable for hutches as well.

The front yard of this hutch measures 32 inches high x 27 inches wide x 18 inches deep, while the house measures 22 inches high x 27 inches wide x 18 inches deep.

This hutch could fit two small rabbits or one larger rabbit.

Advantek Rabbit Cage

In my opinion, the Advantek Stilt Rabbit Hutch is the best Advantek hutch. It presents the best features at the best price.

The Stilt House has the biggest outside area, with the rabbit able to run about underneath the bedding area. It has the most room for a rabbit to stretch out.

The housing area is also raised up off the ground for better protection against some predators. The price is very good given that it offers some really great features.

While the other two Advantek hutches have things going for them, the Stilt House has more pros and fewer cons.

Finally, familiarize yourself with these healthy rabbit treats for when you have a hutch all set up!

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