What Is A Female Cat Called? What Is A Mother Cat Called?

What is a female cat called?

A female cat is commonly referred to as a “queen.” This term is especially used when the female cat is mature and able to have kittens. However, in everyday language, most people simply refer to her as a female cat.

The term “queen” is thought to stem from the respect and importance associated with mother cats in their role of nurturing and providing for their kittens, much like a queen in a royal context. The term’s exact origin is unclear, but it has been used for several centuries.

The term “molly” is often used to refer to an adult female cat that has not been spayed. On the other hand, “she-cat” is a less technical term, more often found in literature, particularly in children’s literature, such as in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. However, these terms are not as widely used or recognized as “queen” in professional or veterinary contexts.

What Are Female Cats Called?

what is a mother cat called
A mother cat with her kittens

There are different terms used for female cats at various stages of their life or reproductive status:

  1. Kittens: Female cats, when they are very young, are simply referred to as “kittens.” This is not gender-specific; it is used for both males and females.
  2. Mothers: When a female cat gives birth, she is often referred to as a “queen” in breeding and veterinary contexts. This term is used especially when she is in an active breeding cycle.
  3. Spayed Females: If a female cat has been spayed (meaning she has had a surgical procedure to remove her reproductive organs and can’t have kittens), she might simply be referred to as a “spayed female.”

However, in everyday conversation, these specific terms aren’t always used, and many people will refer to a female cat at any age or reproductive status simply as a “cat” or “female cat.

What Is A Mother Cat Called?

A mother cat is often referred to as a “queen” in professional breeding and veterinary contexts. This term is said to have originated from the English language’s rich history of associating nobility and royalty with importance and respect.

Much like a human queen, a mother cat is the matriarch of her family, providing not only for her current litter but also for generations of cats in a lineage. They are usually independent, strong, nurturing, and command a certain respect, hence the term “queen.”

The term “queen” for a female cat dates back several centuries. Historically, cats have been revered and respected in many cultures. In ancient Egypt, for example, cats were considered sacred and were often associated with the goddess Bastet, who was the goddess of home, fertility, and protector of the pharaoh. Bastet was depicted as a lioness in her fiercest and as a domestic cat in her most gentle form.

Over time, the respect and importance given to female cats, especially those that were mothers, translated into the term we use today. Interestingly, while we refer to a female cat as a queen, there is no widely accepted equivalent term for a male cat; they are simply called “males” or “toms.”

Female Cat Name FAQs

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A queen cat feeding her baby kittens

What is a spayed female cat called?

As stated above, a neutered female cat is called a molly. There is no difference, as with some animal terms, as to whether she’s been de-sexed or not. However, a spayed female cat will never be a Queen as she will not have kittens.

What is a young female cat called?

A young female cat is called a kitten. Young kittens usually transition to being called cats from around 6 months of age. And, when cats stop growing between the ages of 1 and 3 (depending on the breed), they don’t get called a new name.

What is a pregnant cat called?

A pregnant cat is often referred to as a “queen,” especially in professional or veterinary contexts. This term is particularly used when a female cat is in her breeding cycle.

What is a large female cat called?

There is no official naming difference between a large female cat and a regular-sized cat. However, a big cat is certain to end up with a few nicknames relating to its great size – ‘Garfield‘ is one option!

Should you feed a Queen and a Molly different diets?

A pregnant cat will need more calories and protein than a non-pregnant cat. There are specific foods that are designed for expecting Queens. It’s also really important that all cats have access to quality clean water.

What is the term for a female cat in other languages?

The term for a female cat can vary in different languages. For example, in Spanish, a female cat is called a “gata,” in French, it’s “chatte,” and in German, it’s “katze.”

What’s the difference between a molly and a queen?

Both terms refer to adult female cats. While the term “queen” is more commonly used in professional and breeding contexts, especially for those cats in their reproductive cycles or mothering kittens, “molly” is a term some people use for adult female cats, particularly those that have not been spayed.

Does a female cat have to have kittens to be called a queen?

While the term “queen” is most commonly used for mother cats or those in their breeding cycle, it can also be used more generally for any adult female cat.

Is there a term for a cat’s first litter?

There isn’t a specific term for a female cat’s first litter. They’re usually just referred to as her “kittens” or “first litter.”

Does the term “queen” apply to all breeds of cats?

Yes, the term “queen” can be used for female cats of any breed.

What is the lifespan of a queen cat?

The lifespan of a cat can vary widely depending on factors such as breed, health, care, and lifestyle. On average, domestic cats live to be around 13 to 17 years old. Some cats, especially those that live indoors and have regular veterinary care, can live into their early 20s or even longer.

What is a group of female cats called?

A group of cats, regardless of gender, is called a “clowder.” There’s no specific term that applies only to a group of female cats.

Term For A Girl Cat

So there you have it, all the terms for a female cat. It’s a quick and simple question to answer and doesn’t require an essay. Molly and queen are memorable terms for female cats which are, no doubt, the actual names of many a cat out there.

If you were to rename female cats yourself, what would you have called them?

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