What Kind Of Cat Is Garfield? Find Out The TRUE Garfield Cat Breed!

What kind of cat is Garfield?

We’re all very familiar with Jim Davis’s world-famous comic strip character Garfield the cat.

While there are debates to be had about whether or not the comic strip is actually funny (in my opinion, it’s not on the same level as Calvin and Hobbes), we can all agree the illustrations are great!

But what breed of cat did Jim Davis have in mind when he created Garfield?

Garfield Cat Breed

what breed of cat is garfield

Garfield is actually a composite of the many cats Jim Davis grew up with on his family farm in Fairmont, Indiana.

He mentions in interviews that, over the course of his childhood, his family would have had 20 -25 different cats. He was therefore very familiar with their personalities and traits!

But what kind of cat is Garfield, if you have to put a name to it?

The breed of cat most commonly associated with Garfield is that of an orange tabby Persian cat.

If Garfield was a real cat, rather than an illustration, this is what he might look like.

garfield cat breed

This breed of cat can be long or short-haired, they have a round face and short muzzle.

You cannot see much of their eyes, unlike Garfield who has massive eyes!

This orange Persian cat originates from Iran and was further bred in America after World War 2.

While personality varies from cat to cat (of course), the Persian breed is generally friendly and affectionate.

They like their own space for much of the day but are happy with cuddles from time to time. They will sleep in every position imaginable and enjoy having their own space.

A well-looked-after Persian Tabby can be expected to live from 10 – 14 years, but some can even live much longer than this.

Jim Davis And The Real Garfield

This video on the life of Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, is an interesting watch for those wanting to learn more!

At the 7-minute mark, you will hear how he spent a lot of time with cats.

We learn that Garfield’s character is based as much on the people Jim knew growing up, as on the cats he lived with. He put a human personality in a cat’s body!

Some other interesting points about the real Garfield cat:

  • Jim mentions people tend to lend human thoughts and feelings to cats, more so than dogs
  • Garfield was created when Jim went away for 3 days to a motel in Indianapolis
  • He created the cat personality first, keeping in mind that cats are out for 3 creature comforts: food, shelter, love
  • Gave Garfield a forceful personality

At the 11-minute mark, we see the evolution of Garfield.

garfield cat breed

When the original Garfield cat was first drawn in 1970 he was fat, squinty-eyed, didn’t have stripes, and walked on all paws.

The illustration morphed into the cat we know and love today who is much thinner and cuter!

And now that we’re deep into the history and mythology of Garfield, here’s another great video revealing Garfield the Cat and his origins.

And would you believe, Jim Davis’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million from the Garfield empire?


The other question that is often asked is ‘Is Garfield a boy or a girl?’

Well, Garfield is a male cat.

Jim Davies has confirmed this himself, plus Garfield is referred to as a ‘he’ in the comic strips.

What Type Of Cat Is Garfield?

garfield cat breed

So, what cat breed is Garfield?

Basically, we think that if you have any kind of orange tabby cat with a chubby face, you can claim you have a Garfield cat breed.

The real Garfield was never based on a single cat breed, so as long as your puss looks kinda like him, go for it. And if you have a funny cat, even better!

How many orange tabby cats do you think there are around the world called Garfield?

While I’m yet to meet any, no doubt there are quite a lot.

And for those of you wanting to know what kind of dog Garfield’s friend Odie is… he’s a beagle!

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