What Is A Group Of Rabbits Called? Names For A Bunch Of Bunnies

What is a group of rabbits called?

Interestingly, there are actually many terms used to describe a group, family, or community of rabbits including a fluffle, warren, colony, herd, nest, litter, and hutch.

Each term has its own connotations and is best used in specific contexts related to rabbit behavior and habitats. We’ll take a look at all of them here so that you know what to call your bunny collection.

What Is A Group Of Bunnies Called?

what is the name of a group of rabbits
This group of rabbits is called a colony
  1. Colony: This term is typically used to refer to a group of wild rabbits living together, often in burrow systems known as warrens. It signifies the social structure and communal living aspect of rabbit behavior.
  2. Warren: Though technically referring to the system of burrows that wild rabbits live in, the term “warren” can sometimes be used to mean a group of rabbits due to their close association with their home.
  3. Fluffle: This is a relatively modern term, popularized through social media and often used in more informal or affectionate contexts. It also refers to a group of rabbits, particularly when they are seen close together.
  4. Herd: Less commonly used, this term can be used to describe a group of rabbits. It’s likely a carryover from terms used for other large groups of animals.
  5. Nest: In the context of baby rabbits, a “nest” refers to the group nestled together for warmth and protection. This term also refers to the physical location where a doe gives birth and raises her offspring.
  6. Litter: Similar to “nest,” a “litter” refers to the group of babies born to one mother at the same time. This term is common across many mammal species.
  7. Hutch: Although this term primarily refers to a cage or enclosure for rabbits, it can sometimes colloquially refer to the group of rabbits living within that enclosure, especially in the context of pet or farm rabbits.

In the wild, rabbits will live together as part of a colony. They are a diurnal species, most active at dawn and dusk – a rabbit’s night vision isn’t all that good.

There will usually be a dominant female who claims the best nesting spots and have the most successful breeding. There are also dominant males who are always marking out their territories.

Pet rabbits can be kept together when they have been properly introduced to one another, though you wouldn’t usually refer to 2 or 3 rabbits as a colony as the number is too few.

Group Of Baby Bunnies

what is a family of rabbits called
A group of baby rabbits is a nest or litter of bunnies

There are also multiple names for a group of baby bunnies.

A group of baby rabbits can be called a nest or a litter.

‘The average litter size for rabbits is 5 bunnies,’ say the experts at Animal Answer Guide. ‘However, a litter can range anywhere between 1 to 12 rabbits and each rabbit doe can have 3 to 4 litters per season.’

We live in a rural area that is overrun with wild rabbits, and colloquially it’s not uncommon to hear farmers say ‘I just took out a nest of rabbits’ or ‘the dog got a litter of bunnies.’

Dogs are one of the main predators of pet and wild rabbits, especially breeds like Jack Russels, Foxies, Beagles, and Hounds – our Labrador is always trying to catch one but never has yet.

Clutch Of Rabbits

what is a group of wild rabbits called
There is safety in numbers

Some people use the term “Clutch” when referring to a group of rabbits, but this isn’t the best option.

The term “clutch” is typically used to refer to a group of eggs or young offspring. This is most commonly used in the context of birds or reptiles, which lay eggs. For example, a bird may lay a clutch of eggs in a nest.

In the case of mammals like rabbits, the terms “litter” or “nest” are more commonly used to describe a group of offspring born to one mother at the same time. While “clutch” could theoretically be used to refer to a group of baby rabbits, it’s not traditionally used in this context.

Why Rabbits Live In Groups

Rabbits in the wild live in groups for several reasons, primarily for protection and social interaction:

  1. Protection Against Predators: By living in a group, rabbits can warn each other of approaching predators, increasing the chance of individual survival. Rabbits have developed a number of alarm signals such as thumping their hind legs on the ground or running in a zig-zag pattern to alert other rabbits of danger.
  2. Access to Resources: Living in groups can help rabbits secure access to resources like food and water. If a food source is found, rabbits in a group can share this information, ensuring everyone gets a chance to eat.
  3. Social Interaction and Grooming: Rabbits are social animals and benefit from interaction with their peers. They groom each other, which not only helps to keep them clean but also strengthens social bonds within the group.
  4. Breeding Opportunities: Living in a group provides more opportunities for breeding. There is a higher chance of finding a mate within a group, which can be especially important in areas where rabbit populations are sparse.
  5. Warren Maintenance: Rabbits live in complex burrow systems known as warrens. A group of rabbits can more effectively build, maintain, and defend these warrens.

These benefits help to explain why rabbits are social animals and prefer to live in groups or colonies in the wild. It’s a survival strategy that has proven effective over thousands of years.

Rabbit Island Japan

Have you heard of Rabbit Island in Japan?

The island is called Okunoshima, and it’s off the coast of Japan near Hiroshima.

It’s one of the best examples of a group of tame rabbits in the wild. There are thousands of very friendly rabbits hopping all over the island.

No one really knows exactly where they came from originally, but they are part of the island now. I’m sure they’re getting the best rabbit food and could be considered a kind of community pet,  now that they’re such a tourist draw.

These rabbits are quite different in appearance from regular wild rabbits found around the world, as they seem to have descended from pet rabbit breeds.

It is suspected they came from abandoned testing labs on the island, but this is denied by the authorities.

Group Of Rabbits

So that is what you call a group or family of rabbits.

Where appropraite, go with your preferred name: colony, fluffle, herd, warren, litter, hutch, or nest.

You are right with either option. I think I’ll personally be sticking with fluffle – it doesn’t get much more unique to rabbits than that.

Other terms relating to what to call a group of bunnies:

  • Rabbit warren – the term used for where a group of bunnies lives
  • Doe – the name of a female rabbit
  • Buck – the name of a male rabbit

If you’re keeping these sweet things as pets, check out this list of foods that can kill rabbits to make sure your animals don’t have access to any of them. Let us know in the comments below if you have any more questions about what to call a group of rabbits.

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