Raised Right Cat And Dog Food: Vet Approved ‘Home Cooked Style’ Pet Food

Many pet food manufacturers seek to give pet parents assurance of wellbeing and high quality amidst a pet food safety crisis. But some pet food manufacturers have raised the standard and taken pet food safety a notch higher.

Raised Right pet foods are formulated by vets and experts. They are processed under stringent hygienic conditions, similar to human-grade foods, and each batch is thoroughly counter-checked to ensure safety. They are also highly nutritious, low in carbs, and free from fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavorings.

But that’s not all, the manufacturers go a step further and give you a chance to verify what they claim about their pet foods. Each pack of pet food has a code that you can use to track the origin of ingredients and verify the safety checks of each batch.

This review helps you understand Raised Right vet-approved pet food. You will know more about the brand, their recipes, how ordering and delivery work, and what other pet owners say about Raised right pet foods.

Raised Right Pet Foods – The Story Behind The Brand

If you have been feeding your furry buddy commercial pet foods, safety must be a concern.

Each year, there are dozens of recalls either done voluntarily or ordered by courts and other authorities. But the recalls of 2007 stand out in history. The events of 2007 created a lot of distrust for commercial pet food. But as it is with every crisis, there is an opportunity.

One ranching family opted to stay away from commercial pet foods. They fed their pets home-cooked meals. As their pets thrived, friends and neighbors learned about their excellent recipes, and the brand was born.

More pet owners have come to love these high-quality and nutritious pet meals.

Here’s a review of the products and what makes them special.

What Are Raised Right Pet Foods And Treats Like?

Raised Right prepares pet foods for cats and dogs.

Each recipe is formulated by vets and pet food experts. They further categorize the pet foods according to pets’ ages (there are kitten, adult cat, puppy, and adult dog recipes) and you can customize your order to fit your pet’s specific needs.

The foods are prepared to enhance the wellness of your pet. Each variety is prepared using a single source of protein to ensure maximum benefit and minimize chances of allergic reactions.

The recipes are further enriched with natural and pet-safe ingredients and are processed under human-grade conditions.

Raised Right also offers meaty bites and shaky flakes. The meaty bites often consist of organ tissue from approved sources like lamb, cattle, pork, and turkey.

The shaky flakes are also derived from nutritious, approved sources like beef, turkey, or lamb liver. They are sumptuous and guaranteed to make any pet meal mouthwatering.

Dog Food Recipes

raised right dog food reviews


Raised Right has dog foods for puppies and adult dogs.

There are four varieties of dog foods:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Chicken

Puppy food ingredients consist of muscle tissue, organ tissue (heart and liver) Carrots, Cranberries, Organic Spearmint, Cod Liver Oil, Egg Shell Powder, Organic Dried Kelp, Sea Salt, and other minerals like Dicalcium Phosphate, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, and Copper Amino Acid Chelate.

Ingredients in adult dog food recipes include muscle tissue, organ tissue (heart and liver) carrots or pumpkin, Organic Spearmint, Cod Liver Oil, Egg Shell Powder, Flaxseed Oil, Organic Dried Kelp

Cat Food Recipes


Raised Right range of cat foods consists of the Original Turkey Adult Cat Recipe, the Original Chicken Adult Cat Recipe, the Turkey & Pumpkin Paté for Adult Cats, and the Chicken & Pumpkin Paté for Adult Cats.

Depending on the age and health condition of your cat, you can vary how to serve your cat.

Each recipe is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients including muscle tissue, organ tissue, Pumpkin, Organic Spearmint, Cod Liver Oil, Egg Shell Powder, Flaxseed Oil, Organic Dried Kelp, and Taurine.

Both dog and cat recipes comprise a significant portion (more than 70%) of protein, fats and oils, fiber, minerals and vitamins, and some carbs. But the carbs are low in quantity (often less than 2%) because the foods are free of fillers, artificial flavorings, and preservatives.

How Raised Right Prepare Pet Foods

Pet foods from Raised Right are ‘home-cooked style.’

They are cooked under low temperatures which helps to preserve the moisture content and nutritional integrity. This process also meets the USDA pathogen kill-step.

But that’s not all. Raised Right pet foods are called home-cooked style because It’s like preparing pet food in your kitchen.

After the foods are packed, they are batched, coded, and distributed to specific stores or home orders.

The process ensures the pet foods and handling is safe in your pet’s bowl. Besides a robust sourcing, cooking, and packaging process. To ensure safety, a sample from each batch is collected and taken through vigorous lab testing.

Each step is documented and updated in a database that pet parents can access and verify the safety and sources of the pet food.

The sourcing, processing, and handling are so robust that Raised Right has not had any recall in more than a decade! But this comes at a cost.

Pricing, Ordering, And Delivery

Raised Right pet foods cost slightly above average pet food varieties.

Depending on the age and weight of your pooch and your personal preference, each month you could spend between 40-70% more.

Raised Right delivers to all states and territories within the United States. They offer free shipping and seldom have delays.

The packaging method and boxes are also designed to keep your pet’s meals cold and fresh throughout the delivery process. The meal bags are made of recyclable materials and they have partnered with other organizations to offset the carbon produced during delivery.

Although the price is slightly higher, the benefits outweigh the price differences. And pet parents have shown this. Here is what a few had to say.

Raised Right Pet Food Reviews

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We could not find an independent review site for Raised Right, however, we sampled a few comments from verified customers on Amazon.

Jerry Joliet said:

I was a little hesitant as it is a premium “human grade” food (my wife even tried it!), but I am glad I did.

You can see Charlie waits anxiously for his morning meal, and gobbles it up quickly! His hair is softer and his digestion (poops) is so healthy now. Definitely a great (and tasty) option for your best furry pals.

The Gupper stated:

As Cody got older he became basically immobile. He would sleep all day and only get up to eat and drink water. After we switched his diet to Raised Right he became more active than he had been in the previous 6 months.

We had hoped that by changing his food to a low-carb recipe that his inflammation would be reduced, but this was beyond our expectations.

An unidentified customer on Amazon said: 

This food is SO worth the price. It has literally changed my dog’s health. And even though he is very picky, he just tucks into his food.

This is such a relief. Solid poops are no longer just a dream!

Besides these reviews, Raised Right has uploaded several testimonials on its website.

Raised Right Pets

Raised Rights pet foods provide parents with peace of mind.

They provide pet owners with the option to feed their precious furry companions with naturally-sourced, nutritious, high-quality meals processed under human-grade conditions.

Besides generic packs, Raised Right also offers pet parents the option to customize their orders according to their pet’s circumstances.

A second look at the reviews and testimonials should provide pet owners with confidence that the meals will promote a healthy lifestyle for their furry companion.

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