Petlibro Pet Products Review: Chic Cat Fountains, Trees, And Automatic Feeders

Without a doubt, cats are elegant creatures. You can see by the way they walk, how they choose their food, and where they sleep, elegance is in a cat’s DNA.

As we celebrate national pet month this May, you could be thinking of getting something special for your cat.

Consider getting something chic from Petlibro. They have a wide range of great cat products excellently designed to help you build a stronger bond with your cat.

We have tons of experience with pets, and we want to help understand some of Petlibro’s products. Read on and learn more about Petlibro cat fountains, trees, and feeders and why you should consider them for your cat.

Petlibro Pet Products

Cats love to eat sleek, drink fresh and stay high

Cats are quirky about what they eat, drink, and where and how they spend their solo time.

Has your cat ever turned her nose away from a bowl of fresh water and headed straight for the tap?

Cats love freshwater and they perceive moving water (not stagnant in a bowl) as freshwater.

They also love to climb and hang out in high places. It’s the predator instincts in cats. They just want to have an excellent view of their territory just in case a potential prey or enemy strays in.

When your cat is hungry, she will come looking for food. If you are not ready for her, she will make sure you stop whatever you are doing to feed her.

An automatic cat feeder will help you avoid being that chef-on-demand for your cat and give you more time for the fun stuff.

That said, here’s more about Petlibro’s chic cat fountains, trees, and feeders.

Petlibro Cat Feeders

petlibri auto cat feeder review


Apart from mommy cats who share food with their offspring, cats are generally solitary eaters.

They prefer to dine in an isolated area away from distractions. Sometimes, like their cousins in the wild, a cat can store food for later. When a cat gets hungry, she will not let you rest, and this is why every cat owner should consider getting an automatic feeder.

Automatic cat feeders will help you serve the right portions, (help in weight management), are generally more hygienic (preventing issues like cat acne), and help to avoid turning you into a chef on demand.

Petlibro has various automatic cat feeders suitable for your cat and your preferences.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in their store:

  • Granary automatic cat feeder
  • Essential WiFi feeder
  • Easy Feed automatic feeder
  • Essential automatic feeder
  • Granary WiFi feeder
  • Essential transparent automatic feeder
  • Granary double food tray
  • Granary WiFi feeder set
  • Essential feeder set
  • Essential WiFi feeder set
  • Granary feeder set
  • Easy feed feeder set

You will also find stainless steel food trays and food desiccant bags for sale.

As you can see, you can choose from highly sophisticated feeders to simple, gravity-powered feeders. Whether you are looking for a programmable feeder or a simple manually operated one, you’ll find a match.

All the feeders dispense food neatly and reliably – a big deal because reliability is often a bone of contention. But just in case you want to be double sure – you can pick a cat feeder with a clog-free design.

Besides being reliable and neat, they are sturdy and it is impossible to reach the food from the top. This is crucial, especially if you have more than one pet because it helps to prevent food hackers and keep matters civil.

Petlibro Cat Fountains

petlibro cat fountains


Petlibro has three categories of cat fountains based on the material used to make the product. They have ceramic-made, plastic-made, and stainless steel cat water fountains.

Here’s a quick description of the different products in each category.

Under Ceramic-made cat fountains, Petlibro has the Rainbow water fountain which comes with a rainbow replacement filter.

There are two products under the plastic-made water fountains category: the Cloud water fountain and Capsule water fountain.

The plastic fountains are complemented by the cloud replacement filter and the capsule replacement filter.

Last is the Petlibro stainless steel water fountain which is complemented by the stainless steel replacement filter.

As you can see, all of Petlibro’s cat water fountains are complemented by special filters. These filters are made using an advanced five-level filtration technique delivering cleaner and fresher water than most cat water fountains available on the market.

The filters also have no-frills designs. Thus, they have fewer crannies, crevices, and small pieces. They are less likely to harbor germs and other contaminants, and they are easy to clean.

Petlibro cat fountains also come with a matching brush which makes cleaning the pump easy. Your cat will have a variety of drinking options.

Petlibro cat fountains will help your cat stay hydrated (which is a big deal), healthy and sleek.

Petlibro Cat Trees

best petlibro cat tree


The Infinity DIY Cat Tree by Petlibro is just what your cat needs – an interesting cat tree that can change shape and size.

It is a revolutionary product in the cat world because you can change how it looks with infinite possibilities!

What does this mean?

The tree can grow as the cat grows (if you have a kitten), and there will be a different tree to explore every season or month. For the owner, you can make a cat tree that matches your home decor.

How cool is that?

The Petlibro Infinity DIY Cat Tree is made from durable, human-grade materials. It is also stable and will not fall when a naughty cat jumps off. Plus, it is easy to clean, and the parts are replaceable just in case something unexpected happens.

It is truly a lifetime of play and fun.

Petlibro Fountains, Trees, And Feeders

Petlibro has gone the extra mile to find out what your pet would love and have expert designers formulate chic products.

Whether you pick a cat fountain, feeder, or the Infinity DIY Cat Tree from Petlibro, it is an excellent choice for your elegant feline companion.

Next up, crazy cats wearing cowboy hats!

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