Pet Honesty Supplements: Natural, Effective, Delicious Soft Chews For Dogs

Pet Honesty is changing the way pet parents support their pets’ health by making supplements easy-to-give for dogs and cats.

Supplements are something many of us use in our own health regimen and they have many benefits for dogs and cats as well.

These supplements are made with natural and highly-effective ingredients like essential vitamins, probiotics, omega-3s, and glucosamine to keep your dog feeling its best for years to come.

Better yet, Pet Honesty has figured out how to craft their supplements into delicious soft chews so your dog thinks he’s getting a treat.

Whether your dog is in tip-top shape or is experiencing issues like allergies, joint pain, anxiety, itchy skin, or digestion problems, Pet Honesty’s specialized formulas can make a big difference.

What Are Pet Honesty Supplements Like?

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Many dog owners probably think that because they feed their dogs premium or high-quality dog food, their dogs are getting all of the nutrients they need.

In reality though, most dog foods – even the super-premium ones – don’t contain nearly the amount of essential active ingredients that supplements do.

This is partially due to the fact that, unlike most kibble brands, Pet Honesty uses a unique no-heat cooking method for their soft chews.

This ensures that the quality and efficacy of all the ingredients packed into their delicious chews is not compromised, and enables key ingredients like probiotics and glucosamine to retain the same nutritional value found in their raw form.

And because Pet Honesty supplements are developed for specific health benefits, each product contains a unique formula designed to support your dog’s particular health systems.

This includes ingredients like colostrum to boost immune health, green-lipped mussel to help reduce joint inflammation, and prebiotics to help promote healthy gut flora.

In addition, Pet Honesty is one of the few pet supplement brands certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), a nonprofit organization that audits pet supplement companies to ensure adherence to the highest quality standards.

Plus, all Pet Honesty supplements are made here in the USA and DO NOT contain:

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Chemicals

 They only contain the best ingredients.

Pet Honesty Supplements – Formats And Flavors

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Pet Honesty offers supplements across a range of health areas in a variety of formats (soft chews and oils) and flavors (with both meat and non-meat options).

Multivitamins: Proactively supports all-around health. Contains ingredients like essential vitamins, glucosamine, fish oil, and probiotics to promote healthy skin and coat, support digestion, reduce joint inflammation, and support healthy organ function.

Hip & Joint: Helps promote mobility and flexibility. Ingredients like glucosamine, green-lipped mussel, collagen, and hemp help to support cartilage development, reduce inflammation, and enhance joint fluid viscosity.

Digestion & Bladder: Helps promote regular bowel movements, nutrient absorption, and urinary tract health with ingredients like prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, and superfoods.

Allergy & Immune: Helps lessen the effects of seasonal allergies – like itching, sneezing, and paw licking – and enhances immune response.

Skin & Coat: Supports healthy skin and a lustrous coat, powered by Omega-3 and omega-6 rich ingredients like fish oil, kelp, and biotin.

Stress & Anxiety: Supports calmness and reduces the impact of stressful situations with ingredients like melatonin, hemp, and passion flower.

Dental: Encourages healthy teeth and gums and reduces bad breath with ingredients like bromelain, grape seed extract, and cinnamon.

How Much Do Pet Honesty Supplements Cost?

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A 90-count jar of Pet Honesty supplements costs $26.99 on Amazon.

But on day 2 of Prime Day – Wednesday, July 13 – pet parents can get the same jar for 30% off – just $18.89!

Check out all prices on Amazon here, or if you prefer, on Chewy here.

At regular pricing, you can be paying less than 30 cents per day on a good supplement that will support your dog’s health and well-being – totally worth it in my opinion.

Also, when you look after your dog you may even avoid expensive vet visits further down the road due to a poor diet lacking in needed nutrients and minerals.

Supplements aren’t going to help much with ailments like dog heat rash, but they can make a big difference to dog food allergies.

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