Amazon Prime Day 2022 Pet Deals: Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Aquatics, And More!

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is here!

And we’re rounding up all the best deals for pets. That includes dogs and cats (of course), but also fish and aquariums, small animals and reptiles, and anything else pet related.

Our round-up of Prime Day pet deals below 👇 ALL Prime Day Pet Deals are available here now!!

Best Amazon Prime Day Pet Deals 2022

To get started, here are some of the ‘all-around’ best deals we’ve spotted:

Here are some of the major discounts that are already being offered on cool pet products.

prime day dealsThis raised food and water bowl for dogs or cats is very cheap.

Many pets benefit from eating from a raised bowl rather than one that’s on the ground.


prime day on nowTemptations cat treats are on deal today – more than you could poke a stick at.

Tons of different flavors and they’re from 34% percent off!


prime day pet food storageIRIS Pet Food Storage is all on sale!

They have all shapes and sizes of food storage for kibble, but they also have litter boxes, pee pads, and playpens on sale for Prime Day as well.

flea and tick treatment for dogs prime dayThere are many flea, tick, and worming treatments on sale.

Whether you have a cat or dog that needs semi-regular treatments, why not get them while they’re cheap?


dog and cat fountain prime dayIs this the most EPIC dog and/or cat water fountain you’ve ever seen?

It’s one of the many pet fountains that are dramatically reduced in price for Prime Day 2022.


prime day 2022 early dealsThese Petsafe dog stairs are on sale.

They are great for older dogs and cats that can no longer jump up onto the couch. They are durable and they fold away for easy storage.


cat litter box prime dayHere we have one of the best cat litter boxes on sale.

It’s the PETKIT Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box and it is discounted today.


pet camerasA good pet camera makes sense for those who need to leave their pets at home while they go to work.

Keep an eye on them throughout the day with pet cameras like these which are cheap today.


pet bed deals prime dayWe can always do with a new dog or cat bed, right?

It’s good to freshen them up every now and again, and buying one while it’s on sale is the best idea.

There’s every size and shape of bed imaginable on sale today.

best prime day sale 2022 The Furbo Dog Camera is on sale here!

It’s a treat tossing, full HD Wifi pet camera, and 2-Way Audio, designed for dogs


Prime Day on nowThe iRobot Roomba is a must-have for all pet owners (despite the viral videos that show what happens when one runs over a dog poo 🤢).

Let the vacuum do the job for you and keep your home free from pet mess!

prime day steals!A hot prime day deal: automatic dog and cat feeders!

Pet feeders are great for those who are out a lot and want to slow feed their pets throughout the day.


pet pens saleThese Metal pet Exercise Playpens is on sale for Prime Day.

Use it for small dogs, rabbits, and other small critters. We use them with our bunnies as a run attached to their hutch.

pet sale prime dayAirtight food storage containers are best for keeping your pet’s treats, snacks, and kibble fresh and healthy.

There is a range on sale this Prime Day 2022.


Prime Day Dog Deals

Pet Honesty is one of the hot Prime Day Deals this year.

This company produces helpful dog and cat multivitamins and other supplements. Here are a few of their products along with other expected Prime Day deals in 2022.

early prime day deals for dogsThis 10-for-1 Multivitamin has a lot of good stuff in it that will support your dog’s health.

It’s good for digestion, their immune system, skin and coat, and supports healthy bones and joints. Best of it, it’s going to be discounted.


best dog deals prime day 2022Pet Honesty also has this fantastic Grass Green product that helps to keep your lawn free from dead patches as a result of dog pee.

The chews reduce the amount of nitrogen in your dog’s urine which prevents burning the grass.

dog stroller deal prime day 2022

Do you love your dog enough to grab this discounted PET STROLLER!?

It comes with all the features and accessories you could imagine you would need – and more!

There are strollers large enough to push even German Shepherds!

prime day for dogs this yearWant to start grooming your own dog?

Dog Shaver Clippers are on sale! And not only that, there are dog and cat brushes, grooming arms, and even grooming tub stations for sale this Prime Day.

cheap dog bones for prime dayThere are a ton of great dog chew toys discounted right now.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large dog, find something indestructible today!


prime day leak 2022
There are a ton of pens, cages, and crates for dogs on sale.

Not only are these suitable for dogs, but can also be used for rabbits and other small pets.

cheap slow feeder bowls for dogs Does your dog or cat eat too quickly?

Grab one of these slow-feeder bowls for dogs and cats while they are on sale.


what not to buy on prime dayPrime Day has got to be the best time to not only stock up on those big one-off purchases but also the ordinary everyday products dog owners need – such as these poop bags!


buzzfeed amazon prime dayVarious dog foods are discounted for Prime Day 2022.

Whether you need dry or wet food, it’s a good time to buy. You could even sign up for a discounted dog food subscription service.

prime day pet deals this yearOther healthy treats for dogs, such as natural cow ears, which are great for your dog’s joints, are also likely to be on sale for Prime Day.

Stock up for another year while they’re cheap!

Cat Deals On Prime Day 2022

Cats are well taken care of during the Prime Day sales.

From necessities like cat food to totally unnecessary like a cat backpack, it’s a great time to pick it up.

early prime day dealsWe mentioned Pet Honesty above for dogs, but they also have products for cats that will be on sale for Prime Day.

These probiotics for cats are really good for a cat’s gut and overall immune health.


best cat condo dealsThere are many cat trees, towers, condos, climbing walls, and scratching poles with 20% OFF for Prime Day.

View all the different deals here – but don’t get too carried away!


cat litter box prime dayCat Litter Boxes are extremely discounted this Prime Day.

Keep your home smelling and looking so much better with these smart devices that take care of more of the hard work.

best prime day deals july 2022There are a lot of heated pet beds on sale this Prime Day.

A wide range of styles, sizes, and levels of fluffiness is available. They can be especially good for older animals.


deals for cats prime day 2022

Cat fountains are a good way to get your cat to drink more if you suspect she’s not getting enough water.

They love drinking running water!


cat towers amazon prime day 2022Get a problem with your cat scratching the door or furniture?

Pick them up a discounted cat scratching pole or tree. It’s a stress reliever, a bed, a hideout, and a nail sharpener all in one!


prime day cat foodAs you’d expect, there is a ton of cat food discounted for Prime Day.

This includes premium brands like IAMS, Hill’s Science, Nutro Wholesome Essentials, and so many more.

See all the current cat food deals here.

Aquarium And Fish Tank Prime Day Sale

fish tank sale prime day
3 Gallon Glofish Tank

Prime Day 2022 is the best opportunity for fish keepers to get what they need for their aquariums and fish ponds.

There are quite a few good aquarium deals this Prime Day:

And more great deals include…

pond prime dayThis large aquarium pond pool is 20% OFF.

It’s a 900-gallon pool that has a clear side for viewing.

prime day fish tank filter dealThere are many turtle and fish tank filters for sale this Prime Day.

The fancy waterfall filter or more simple model is available.


biggest fish tank sale 2022Gravel cleaners and siphons are a must for anyone with a tank doing water changes and cleaning.

Pick yours up while it’s on sale.


prime day aquarium dealsAquariums are discounted for Amazon Prime Day 2022.

The MarineLand Portrait is a great 5-gallon fish tank for beginners and has a big discount, though not an official PD deal.

pet products sale Amazon prime dayWater test kits, like the API Freshwater Master Test Kit, are another important tool for aquarists.

There are many different water test kits on sale this Prime Day.


prime day 2022 pet foodFish food is another obvious must-have for those of us with pet fish!

There is a massive range of dry and frozen food for fish on Amazon, much of which is on Prime Day sale. Doesn’t matter if you have goldfish, tropical freshwater fish, or saltwater fish – there’s food on sale for them all.

Prime Day Deals For Small Animals

There is a huge amount of Prime Day deals for small pets as well.

Whether you have rabbits, cavies/guinea pigs, hamsters, or other small and furry animals, here are some of the accessories you will always need!

cheap pet cage You never know when a small pet cage will come in handy. They could be used for guinea pigs, mice, or rats, or as a temporary cage for a rabbit.

There are many quality cages discounted now.

pet food saleTimothy Hay and other treats for rabbits are on sale.

This hay is best for the bunny’s tummy! Subscribe to a delivery plan and save even more.tortoise


pet bird accessories prime dayThere are so many bird cages discounted for Prime Day this year – so many more than in past years.

Keep your budgie or parrot entertained! See the full range of discounted pet bird accessories and toys here.


prime day for small animalsThese automatic pet food dispensers are great for limiting the amount of food your pet eats.

Stop them from becoming overweight by slowly dispensing food throughout the day!


amazon prime early access dealsNow, if you’ve never bought your bunny some rabbit treats, now’s the time to give them a try.

There are a lot of healthy options on sale, especially those based on Timothy Hay or similar grasses.


prime day pet deals 2022Rabbit food pellets are another product you can pick up on Prime Day.

From snacks to more substantial bunny food, there’s a lot on prime day sale.


biggest pet sale 2022Travel cages and other pet carriers are something we always need to have on hand when taking our pets to the vet.

If you don’t yet have one then Prime Day is the best time to pick one up.


Amazon early access pet sale 2022Prime Day deals on rabbit hutches and cages.

If you’re planning on getting a rabbit in the near future, why not pick up what you need while it’s a lot cheaper than usual?

small animal deals prime dayThis Chinchilla or ferret cage is amazing – and it’s heavily discounted!

Can also be used for glider pets. It’s a very high-quality unit.


Best Pet Deals Prime Day 2022

Amazon prime day 2022 pet deals


This year, Amazon Prime Day 2022 starts on 12:01 Tuesday, July 12 PT, and ends Wednesday, July 13 at 11:59 pm PT.

This means there are two days of deals again, though the best ones tend to be released on that first day.

As new deals are released we’re adding them to the round-up. Make sure you are constantly checking back to get on top of the new pet product sales.

There are usually limited quantities of products at the discounted Prime Day price, so if it’s something you need, want, or just plain gotta-have then jump on it!

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

It’s official!

Amazon Prime Day 2022 dates for the United States are July 12 and 13.

Leading up to the big day, we’ll be here with the latest Prime Day leaks, early deals, and best deals for pets on the big day itself.

Other retailers also often have big sales running at the same time, so we’ll also share the biggest and best Prime Day Alternatives for pets!

These are just a few examples of possible pet products for sale on Prime Day 2022.

We will also be keeping a close eye on:

  • deals for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils
  • sales on pet turtle, tortoise, and other reptile products
  • discounted bird-keeping products

If it has anything to do with pets – whether pet products for the animals or their owners – we’re going to share it here.

Our team is on the job 24 hours around the clock during Prime Day, scouring Amazon for the best deals and updating them here on this page.

Bookmark this page and get ready for the big day.

And, if you are into heating and outdoor living, check out the best Prime Day 2022 chainsaw, outdoor living, and heating deals.


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    • Yes, we think it’s great Prime Day is going ahead, even if it is on a smaller scale – last year was pretty epic! There are already plenty of early Prime Day deals on Amazon devices, etc., but you can see current Amazon pet deals here! There are a ton of discounts on dog and cat products, but I can see a number of fish tank heaters, tank covers, filters, and other accessories as well. All the best for the day!

    • Hey Kim, Amazon Prime Day begins at 12 am PT or 3 am ET on Tuesday, Oct. 13, and runs through to the 14th for Prime members. In previous years we’ve found the best deals start being released around 7 – 8 in the morning, so you don’t need to stay up all night! It is highly likely there will be discounts on all pet products, including horse equipment. As you probably already know, Amazon has basically everything you could wish for when it comes to saddles, coat care, riding clothes, and all the rest.

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