8 BEST Native Pet Dog Supplements, Treats, And Chews For Overall Dog Health And Comfort

A pet’s well-being and comfort is the first concern pet lovers have for our furry friends.

They are placed in our care, and we need to ensure that they’re getting the proper diet and exercise to keep their tails wagging.

Native Pet is a company founded by food lovers and pet owners who noticed the number of shady filler products in their pets’ food. It was founded by Dan Shaefer and his friend Pat Barron.

Dan noticed how many unneeded ingredients were in his labrador, Louie’s, food and realized there was a space to create something great for pets.

Dan and Pat worked closely together and refined the ingredients for all of Native Pet’s products in the way supplements are made for humans. Simple and efficient, showing a transparent list of ingredients.

Native Pet Dog Products

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Native Pet has less than a dozen overall products, but each one is carefully formulated to suit your pet’s individual needs from a supplement or chew.

Wholesome, organic ingredients that are high enough quality for a human to eat (another popular product like this is Pet Plate Dog Meals), Native Pet works hard to provide the best for you and your pet.

Here is a rundown of their top products.

1. Allergy Chews

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Some dogs are prone to allergies, both from the environment around them or because of the change in seasons.

Like people, allergies don’t affect everyone, and over time they can become more manageable.

Native Pet’s Allergy Chicken Chews has only 9 ingredients total. Air-Dried to lock in and preserve the benefits, the flavor is real chicken and not an added flavor.

The four active ingredients, Spirulina algae, dried fermentate, colostrum, and coagulants, work together to create anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, antibodies to build up allergy resistance, immune health, and probiotics to knock out infections.

These are designed to be fed to your pet daily and help your pet’s symptoms lessen and be more manageable. This product comes in a can and a pouch.

2. Bladder Chews

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Pets that have difficulty with their bathroom habits, mainly with UTIs and bladder malfunctions, can enjoy Native Pet’s Bladder Chicken Chews for healthier bladder function over the course of their life.

These Bladder Chews have only 7 ingredients.

The first of three active ingredients is cranberry, which is helpful for keeping the urinary tract clear of bacteria. Mannose is second, it makes it hard for bacteria to latch to the tract. B. Subtilis is a strain of probiotic.

The active ingredients are held together by all-natural chicken broth and meat for a flavor your dog will enjoy.

3. Pumpkin Powder

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A dog’s digestion and bowels can get disturbed by new environments, or they may be more sensitive to their surroundings.

Native Pets Pumpkin Powder offers a natural and safe solution for constipation, acute diarrhea, and scooting problems.

In a can of 8 or 16oz, it has a shelf life of up to two years. It’s easy to portion with and is 100% organic, and made in North America with only three ingredients. Pumpkin powder, pumpkin seed powder, and apple powder.

It’s simple to incorporate into your pet’s diet. You can add water and feed it as a puree, mix it into your pet’s food, or sprinkle it on top for a smaller dose.

Lots of fruit veges like zucchini and banana are really good for dogs in the right doses, and pumpkin is no different.

4. Probiotic Powder

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Like the Pumpkin Powder and Bladder Chews, Native Pet’s All Natural Probiotic Powder includes a probiotic blend and pumpkin seeds to help your pet’s gut health.

It will last on your shelf for up to two years.

It’s flavorful and has over 6 Billion CFU to create a healthy environment for gut flora. Beef bone broth, pumpkin seed powder, and an organic probiotic blend make up this simple supplement.

It will help soothe your pet’s upset stomach after antibiotic use, introducing a new food, or after a stressful situation.

5. Hip + Joint Chews

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As dogs get older, especially bigger dogs, their joints start to ache.

While they don’t show it, they might need a little more help getting around. Native Pet’s Hip + Joint Chicken Chews can help with mild to moderate joint pain.

They offer a packed dose of protein and nutrients that most kibbles don’t offer. Real chicken, green-lipped mussel, polyphenols, and tocopherol come together with coconut glycerin to offer a simple supplement that can help your pet move around better.

6. Bone Broth Topper

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Native Pet’s Bone Broth Topper is a powder that is convenient for flavor and added nutrition.

It’s easily re-hydrated into a broth and works well to soften food and make it easier for dogs or cats to eat and enjoy.

The Bone Broth comes in a grass-fed Beef or Chicken recipe and a can of 5.4oz or 10.8 oz.

7. Yak Chews

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Finding a healthy, long-lasting chew stick for your dog to keep busy can be a trial.

Native Pets Yak Chews come in four sizes and have only four simple, tasty ingredients that are safe and beneficial for your pet’s health.

Yak milk, cow’s milk, sea salt, and organic lime come together for a protein-packed chew toy your dog chew on for hours.

Pawstruck’s dog chews are also worth taking a look at if you like these sorts of treats and health products for dogs.

8. Omega Oil

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Native Pet’s Omega Oil is a simple way to keep your pet’s heart and coat healthy.

Using wild-caught pollock and salmon, wheat germ oil, biotin, and tocopherol, Omega Oil is easily added and enjoyed by your pet.

It lasts for up to two years and has a simple dosing method — one pump per 10 lbs of body weight. This makes it simple to know exactly how much your pet needs.

This oil has a bottle with a pump for easy addition to any meal. The fatty acids and yummy fish flavor make it ideal for your dog to get benefits that they won’t get in simple kibble. This oil also works well alongside other Native Pet products.

Native Pet Dog Supplements

Native Pet is a transparent brand that uses the best possible ingredients and research to bring tasty, beneficial treats and supplements for your pet.

The brand’s marketing is simplistic, cute, and right to the point.

They aren’t hiding their ingredients and have developed all of their products with a nutritionist and are vet-approved. They want the best for your pet and give you great shipping options anywhere within the USA.

Supplements such as Native Pet offers also make a great addition to pet emergency kits. It’s something that will give them that little bit of extra energy and support right when it’s needed.

A pet’s well-being is a major concern at all times. We all want them to do well. If you have any questions about any of these products or about Native Pet in general, let us know down below. We’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, check out these signs of dog food allergies to find out if this is something you need to be working on.

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