Pet Plate Reviews And Pet Plate Cost: Is It Right For Your Dog?

Are you trying to decide if Pet Plate is the best dog food subscription for your dog?

These Pet Plate reviews should help you to know whether or not this dog food delivery service is right for you.

And, if the reviews don’t help, how about a Pet Plate coupon for 60% OFF your first 3 weeks of dog meals?

That will certainly give you a good idea as to whether or not it suits you and your dog!

Anyway, one of the best ways to find out more is to read the reviews. Pet Plate has been around for many years now, so there’s a lot of feedback out there.

Let’s find out what their customers really think!

PetPlate Reviews

Pet Plate Dog Meals

  • Fresh-lightly cooked dog meals with human-grade ingredients
  • They also stock organic treats, supplements, and entrees
View On Pet Plate

Raw Paws Pet Food

  • Dog food, treats, supplements, chews supermarket
  • Meaty bones, freeze dried food, ground meals, organ meat
  • Set up auto-ship meal plans
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Front Of The Pack Dog Food

  • Vet-formulated air-dried food
  • The benefits of fresh food with convenience of dry
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Before we get into the review of ‘Shark Tank Pet Plate‘ (as they’re sometimes called), here’s a quick overview of what they’re all about.

Pet Plate creates a nutrient and vitamin-rich total food solution for dogs.

It’s a subscription service that delivers healthy dog meals to your door every 3 weeks.

You can pause, skip, or cancel an order whenever you need, simply through your online account.

The order, tailored for your pet, arrives in recyclable, pre-portioned containers, which have been shipped in chilled, environmentally friendly boxes right to your door!

The food itself is free from:

  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Fillers
  • Preservatives

This is so important for a healthy and happy dog.

The meals are available in 6 different flavors (at this stage).

The selection:

  1. Chompin’ Chicken
  2. Tail Waggin’ Turkey
  3. Barkin’ Beef
  4. Lip Lickin’ Lamb
  5. Power Packed Pork
  6. Lean And Mean Venison

Or, put simply, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Pork, or Venison.

The food used in the meals is all human-grade. It’s stuff that we could eat as well (though not recommended), and it’s NOT the leftover rubbishy bits.

Pet Plate Pros And Cons

Watch this Pet Plate unboxing video from Experiences With My Dog to know what to expect when your first order arrives.

What will vary from order to order is the quantity of food and the price.

We’ll get into the cost of Pet Plate below, but it really depends on the age, breed, sex, and level of activity of your dog.

It also varies depending on whether you go for the full or partial meal plan.


  • High-quality food that’s free from bad stuff
  • Vet formulated by Dr. Renee Streeter
  • Helps with dog allergies and other illnesses
  • Delivered to your door with free shipping
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good flavor options
  • Convenient packaging
  • First box money back guarantee
  • Dogs and owners love it


  • More expensive than a cheap dog roll
  • Pricey for large dog quantities

Dr. Renee Streeter is the vet behind Pet Plate’s popular dog meal formula.

You can check out this interview she gave to find out more about her goals in creating this healthy food for dogs.

Pet Plate Review

The first place we went to check out Pet Plate reviews was their on-site review page.

There are over 250 real reviews, with the major majority being positive 5 and 4-star reviews.

pet plate reviewsHere are a few comments that we believe paint an accurate picture of what people and their pets think!

petplate review

You can see in the reviews what type of dog has been eating Pet Plate.

There’s everything from French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas, to Golden Retrievers and Affenpinschers.

All breeds of dogs can enjoy Pet Plate!

pet plate dog food

While all breeds of dogs can eat this quality dog food, 100% of dogs simply may not, as revealed in the comment above.

Some tips for helping dogs get started include cutting out table scraps and treats, warming up the food, or leaving them in a quiet private spot to eat those first meals.

nutritious dog food delivery

Even dogs who have traditionally been very picky can take a real liking to Pet Plate.

When they start to feel better after switching to a healthier dog diet, do you think they know it’s the food?!

the pet plate

Putting dogs on a healthier diet can help them with allergies.

If your dog is a sufferer, it can’t hurt to try moving away from dog foods with preservatives, fillers, antibiotics, etc., to one without.

How much does Pet Plate cost?

how much does pet plate cost

The price of a Pet Plate subscription will depend on:

  1. The size, breed, and age of your dog
  2. How much activity your dog gets
  3. Whether you’re supplementing their diet with other products

To keep costs down, you can also choose a ‘topper’ plan, where you order smaller food portions to ‘top-up’ or finish off their regular diet.

Even if you decide not to go full-time with Pet Plate, your dog will still benefit from these smaller portions!

Because of these various factors, it’s hard to say exactly how much your Pet Plate subscription is going to cost. However, prices start at around $1.50 per day.

Pet Plate gets to know your dog and its requirements before recommending a meal plan, so let’s take a look at an example.

Pet Plate Price Example

I’ve signed up for my dog Jed!

Here are the steps to order, and what Pet Plate costs for him – you can find this same price estimation page here.

To start off with, enter your dog’s name!

pet plate net worth

Enter the sex of your dog, along with whether or not they have been neutered or spayed.

Dogs who have undergone these procedures generally require less food, as it causes their metabolism to slow down.

Some vets suggest decreasing food volume by up to 25% afterward.

petplate cost

Enter the breed of your dog – Jed is a Jack Russel!

There is the option to enter multiple breeds for those whose pets are crossbred.

If you’re unsure about what breed your dog is, try to select one with a similar size and weight to your pet.

pet plate cost

Next, enter the birth date of your dog.

You don’t have to get the specific day correct, but try to pick around the correct month if possible.

example of how much pet plate costs for small dog

Enter the current weight of your dog, along with the ideal weight of your dog.

An easy way to find its current weight is to stand on your bathroom scales without your dog, and then with it – though this may not be possible if you have a Great Dane!

pet plate price

Let Pet Plate know how much exercise your dog is getting…

Choose from daily walks (the minimum assumed), very active, or Olympian.

pet plate promo code

Now the fun part – choosing the meals for your dog – and we can almost find out how much Pet Plate costs!

You can choose from 4 different meals, and you’re able to view all the details regarding ingredients, and so on.

For the sake of this example, I’m ordering some of each: beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb!

pet plate 50 off coupon

And before you can see the price, you will need to enter your email address, though don’t worry, you haven’t committed to anything yet!

Now you are able to see the price of a Pet Plate meal delivery subscription to your home.

Your first order will likely come with a 60% discount (if you use this link), so the cost for my first 3 weeks is $3.46 per day, and after that, it will be $4.88.

That’s for the ‘Full Meal Plan’ with my pet exclusively eating Pet Plate.

petplate promo code

And here is a further breakdown of how much Pet Plate costs for a full-time meal plan for a small (slightly overweight) Jack Russel Terrier.

Notice that shipping is ‘always free’!

dog plate

Is Pet Plate Worth It?

Does the price of Pet Plate make it worth it?

Yes, it costs more than buying a roll of dog food from the store, but perhaps that dog roll is costing you more than you think.

If your pet has been on the SADD (Standard American Dog Diet), then it is probably suffering the ill effects of unbalanced and over-processed eating.

If you can get your dog to eat healthier, it’s possible you will save on vet bills and allergy medications, and give your dog an overall better standard of life.

The money that you might have spent on sick care, can be better spent on health care and sickness prevention.

If your dog suffers from allergies, poor behavior, and other conditions, it’s certainly worth giving Pet Plate a 3-week trial to see if anything changes.

You can then decide whether to continue after that. And if, for some strange and unusual reason, your dog does not ‘lick the bowl clean’, check this out:

is petplate expensive

There is a 100% money-back guarantee on your first box, so it’s a no-brainer – you’ve got to try it!

Also, factor in the fact that you don’t have to think about your dog’s food anymore.

You don’t have to pick it up from the store, you don’t have to portion it out yourself, and you don’t need to worry about your dog’s diet.

There is a ton of value in those things which makes Pet Plate totally worth it!

Pet Plate reviews are very good, so at the very least, you have to try Pet Plate for three weeks, and see if it improves your dog’s health!

Pet Plate Complete Feeding System

where is petplate located

Where else can you go to find genuine Pet Plate reviews?

Social media, of course!

There you can always find those who aren’t afraid to say what they really think!

Pet Plate’s most active social account seems to be Instagram.

Follow them for great shots of pets enjoying delicious Pet Plate meals, and even the odd personal post from the founder Ronaldo.


View this post on Instagram


Happy Fourth of July! From our @PetPlate Fam to yours, we hope you have a safe, healthy and happy holiday weekend. ??

A post shared by Pet Plate (@petplate) on

The comments are overwhelmingly positive, and 99% of people seem to be very pleased with their Pet Plate subscription.

Make sure to check out their Facebook page as well, for further customer feedback.

So are you ready to try Pet Plate?

Sign up through our link to get 60% off your first 3-week order, and let your dog give you their Pet Plate review first hand!



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  1. Do you think Pet Plate is better than the Ollie food delivery service? I’ve been looking into both but haven’t decided which is best. I think I’ll try Pet Plate first and then Ollie and stick with which one my dog likes. He’s a really picky eater so I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns his nose up at both.

    • Hi April, they are quite similar products, but we’ve yet to test out myOllie products. Definitely a good idea to try out both, unless of course after trying Pet Plate your doggo is already in love! We’ll add a link here once we’ve done an Ollie review.

    • Pet Plate meals are not entirely organic, but the meat (chicken, turkey, beef, lamb) comes from USDA farms. It’s difficult to create a meal that meets your dog’s essential nutrient needs in one serving using only organic ingredients – and even harder to make it affordable! Keep in mind, there is no research showing that organic pet food is healthier than non-organic pet food.

  2. Can you get Pet Plate without signing up to the subscription? Like can you just buy 2 weeks worth or something like that?

    • Hey Debs, at this stage you have to sign up for at least a month’s subscription to the service. You can cancel during that first month, however, so you’re not required to carry on if it isn’t right for you. You can also decrease the amount you order if you only want to use Pet Plate part time! 🙂

  3. Sometimes I see 50% OFF Pet Plate vouchers around. Do you have any of those? I’ve been using Ollie dog food delivery for a while but my dog has started to go off it a bit. I think I’ll try Pet Plate out on him for a couple of weeks and see if he prefers that.

    • Hi Sue, we’re happy to hear you want to give them a test! I think they only do 50% OFF Pet Plate as an abandoned cart offer. You can get 30% OFF here. If you start the process of signing up (including entering your email address) and then do not complete the order they will likely send you a 50% OFF coupon within a few days. We recommend just going with the 30% offer to get your dog eating healthier sooner!

    • Hey Sabrina, thank you for the comment. We didn’t actually create that Pet Plate unboxing video, it was done by a YouTube Channel called Experiences With My Dog. We just took a look and it doesn’t look like JJ has uploaded a complete review yet. We’ll add it when he does!


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