Cooper’s Treats Pupsicle Starter Kit Review: A Fun Way to Make Healthy Frozen Treats

Cooper’s Treats is an up-and-coming dog treat business in San Diego that sells an all-natural dog treat mix.

This product allows dog parents can easily make healthy, delicious treats right in their own kitchens.

They manufacture all of their treat mixes in the US and source all of their ingredients from the US as well.

Each flavor of mix has just a handful of high-quality ingredients, so dog parents know exactly what they’re feeding their dogs.

Cooper’s Treats Pupsicle Starter Kit

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The Pupsicle Starter Kit (also here on Cooper’s Treats) comes with two jars of Pupsicle Mix, one Beef and Cheddar, and one Turkey and Cinnamon, plus a paw- and bone-shaped silicone ice cube mold.

Making Pupsicles is easy – just combine the Pupsicle Mix with water, using equal amounts of each, then pour the mixture into the ice cube mold.

Put the treats in the freezer for approximately two hours, and then they’ll be frozen and ready to give to your dog.

Each jar of mix makes about 25 Pupsicles, so the kit as a whole makes about 50.

For those who want to make their Pupsicle Mix go further or who want to make their Pupsicles a bit lower in calories, it’s as easy as adding extra water to the mix before pouring it into the ice cube molds.

Cooper’s Treats Pupsicle Mix Flavors And Varieties

Cooper’s Treats offers two flavors of Pupsicle Mix in both regular and Grain Free varieties.
  • Beef and Cheddar Pupsicle Mix: Contains freeze-dried beef, whole wheat flour, whole egg protein, and cheddar cheese powder
  • Turkey and Cinnamon Pupsicle Mix: Contains freeze-dried turkey, whole wheat flour, whole egg protein, and cinnamon
  • Grain Free Beef and Cheddar Pupsicle Mix: Contains freeze-dried beef, cassava flour, coconut flour, and almond flour
  • Grain Free Turkey and Cinnamon Pupsicle Mix: Contains freeze-dried turkey, cassava flour, coconut flour, and almond flour

Because every flavor contains real meat, most dogs will enjoy them all.

Additionally, the meat makes these treats much higher in protein than most ready-made treats.

The Grain-Free variety of treats is great for dogs with wheat allergies, but dogs who are able to eat wheat will enjoy them as well.

How Ordering And Delivery Works

Because the Pupsicle Starter Kit has everything you need to start making Pupsicles, ordering is easy – just add to your cart and check out.

Cooper’s Treats generally ships within one business day, and products typically arrive within two to three business days (though in some cases they make take up to six business days to arrive).

Once you finish the jars of mix in your Pupsicle Starter Kit, you can order individual jars of mix, so your dog doesn’t run out of Pupsicles.

Cooper’s Treats also offers a subscription option, allowing you to save 10% if you choose to have jars of mix delivered monthly or semi-monthly.

Cooper’s Treats FAQs

How Much Does Pupsicle Mix Cost?

If you purchase from Cooper’s Treats directly, a regular Pupsicle Starter Kit costs $26.99, and a Grain Free Pupsicle Starter Kit costs $29.99.

Individual jars of regular Pupsicle Mix cost $11.99, and jars of Grain Free Pupsicle Mix cost $12.99.

Cooper’s Treats also sells Pupsicle Starter Kits on Amazon, but you will need to visit the site for up-to-date pricing.

Do Dogs Like Pupsicles?

They do – in fact, Cooper’s Treats is so confident that your dog will like their Pupsicles that if they’re not dog-approved, you can get a refund on your Pupsicle Starter Kit.

Just send them a video of your dog turning down a Pupsicle, and they’ll process a refund immediately.

Cooper’s Treats Baked Biscuit Mix

In addition to their frozen Pupsicle Mix, Cooper’s Treats also offers Baked Biscuit Mix (here on Amazon OR here on Cooper’s).

Like Pupsicle Mix, it’s made with just a few all-natural ingredients, including real meat.

It can be purchased either as part of a Baked Biscuit Starter Kit, which contains two jars of Baked Biscuit Mix as well as a set of three bone-shaped cookie cutters or in individual jars.

And for folks who don’t want to choose between Pupsicles and Biscuits, Cooper’s Treats also sells a Doggie Deluxe Box (here on Amazon OR here on Cooper’s), which contains everything in both Starter Kits plus a few extra goodies.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments down below, and check out this Native Pet review to learn about dog supplements and health products.

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