What Is The Best Bike Trailer For Dogs? Focus On Strength And Safety!

A dog bike trailer is a game-changing accessory for any active dog parent.

Not only does it allow your furry best friend the thrill of bike rides, but it’s also a chance to spend more time with your pooch while leading an active lifestyle.

Bike pet trailers also keep your dog safe and are a terrific way for senior, injured, or even disabled pups to explore the outdoors.

But not every trailer in the market lives up to this reputation, which is why we reviewed and outlined the best dog bike trailers and a comprehensive buying guide.

Best Dog Bike Trailer Reviews

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Trailer

  • Available in large or medium sizes
  • Lightweight frame for easier riding
  • Can carry dogs up to 50 lbs
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Aosom Elite Dog Bike Cart

  • Four different color options
  • Can be used as a push stroller OR bike cart
  • Can carry dogs up to 44 lbs
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Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

  • Top selling/top reviewed bike trailer for dogs
  • Very strong and durable - high safety rating
  • Can carry dogs up to 50 lbs
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We are reviewing the 5 best pet bike trailers, but our favorite has to be the PetSafe bike cart.

We’ll take a deep dive into this model below, but if you just want to know our most recommended option, that’s it! It’s suitable for all dog sizes and has all the features for a comfortable ride.

Check out the other options and compare prices, features, and user reviews.

We’ve tried and tested a couple with our lab/GSD, but he’s still young so he much prefers running alongside my bike with our dog bike leash (or without if we’re in a quiet area).

Make sure you consider both the pros and cons of those who have used these small and large dog bike trailers.

Here are our top 3 picks for the best pet bike carrier!

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Aluminum Dog Bike Trailer

bike trailer for dogs


In the market for a lightweight dog bike trailer strong enough to hold your heavy dog?

The PetSafe happy ride trailer is worth considering.

This trailer features a 25-pound, durable aluminum frame designed to hold up to 110 pounds meaning it also doesn’t add weight to your already heavy ride.

The hitch connects and disconnects seamlessly, so you can always hit the road faster. The brand offers a medium trailer option with a 50lb maximum weight capacity for owners with small dogs.

This trailer lets your dog ride in style by giving them a fantastic view from the back, front, and side ventilated windows and keeping them well-covered from the sun.

If you prefer long rides, the PetSafe happy ride dog bike carrier makes them even easier for you, thanks to the three storage pouches you can use to pack Fido’s food, water, and treats.

You also get to enhance your pup’s safety while they’re in there using the safety tether that attaches them to their leash to secure them for the ride.

Generally, the PetSafe happy ride is an excellent buy. It’s, however, only compatible with bicycles that feature a Shimano gear set.


  • Three window design offers your dog a great view
  • Safety tether to keep your pup safe
  • Three storage pouches for Fido’s food and treats
  • Two size options


  • Limited to bike owners with a Shimano gear set

2. Aosom Elite II 2-in1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer

dog trailer for bike

Although cycling is fun, it can quickly get monotonous for an active dog parent who prefers to try out all sorts of outdoor cardio.

The Aosom Elite pet dog bike trailer is for such fur parents.

It’s a 2-in-1 bike cart for dogs, meaning it doubles up as a stroller, and you can push it while you’re not towing it. As a result, you can take your dog on walks, camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity that involves walking.

On top of that, the Aosom Elite II pet carrier for the bike features a durable steel frame and a breathable Oxford fabric.

Add in the canopy and all-around ventilation, and your pup becomes even more comfortable while in this trailer. It has front and back zippered doors so your dog can get in and out quickly.

As far as safety is concerned, the Aosom Elite II dog trailer offers you more control with the built-in hand lock brake system.

It also features two large rear wheels and a smaller, universal front wheel to keep the unit balanced and safe during rides.

If you cycle on busy highways and roads, this trailer has an attached flag to notify other road users of the trailer’s presence and keep them from getting too close in traffic.


  • It doubles up as a stroller
  • Built-in hand-lock brake system offers more control over your ride
  • Breathable Oxford fabric
  • Two large wheels and a universal wheel keep the trailer balanced


  • Poorly written user manual
  • Below average hitch connector quality

3. Sepnine and Leonpets Large Size Bicycle Pet Trailer

bike cart for dogs

Available in color options such as orange, yellow, red, and blue, the Sepnine and Leonpets bicycle pet trailer was designed to offer active dog parents a smooth ride at all times.

It features a pair of large, 20inch rear wheels and a 12inch universal front wheel with large rims. This balances out the trailer and keeps it grounded when you take turns and corners, and when you stop.

This keeps you and your pup safe when out on bike rides.

The Sepnin and Leonpet bike pet trailer has a reliable hitch connector and even comes with an easy to attach on your dog leash safety belt to keep your furry best friend safer on bike rides.

The small red flags enhance its visibility making this dog trailer safe to use on roads.

But other than safety, this pet bike trailer also offers your dog maximum comfort during your outdoor adventures. It has an Oxford cloth covering, which is both durable and breathable.

It’s also weatherproof, meaning you no longer have to worry about being caught out in the rain. It is roomy and comfortable enough to accommodate dogs weighing up to 88 pounds.


  • Large rimmed front wheel design helps increase unit balance
  • Safety belt to keep your pup safe
  • Weatherproof


  • Fit for small and medium-sized dogs only

4. Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

best pet bike trailer


The Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer is among the most reviewed and the best dog bike trailers around.

It comes in blue, green, and orange, and weighs only 25.9 pounds making it one of the lightest models in the market. Despite its lightweight build, the Schwinn pet carrier for the bike is durable and even features a steel frame.

The Schwinn rascal pet trailer comes with a universal hitch connector meaning you can use it with pretty much any bike you own. It’s also relatively easy to attach so that you won’t waste time on setup.

It has a pair of 16-inch, aluminum rimmed, air-filled tires to offer not just balance but also a smooth ride, especially on rough terrains.

Your pup can seamlessly get in and out of the trailer thanks to the wide rear doggy door and enjoy an incredible ride thanks to the adjustable mesh screen.

You’ll never have to worry about Fido jumping out of the trailer because this model comes with an adjustable, internal leash too.

If you’re always on the go or take your dogs to outdoor adventures like hiking and camping, the Schwinn dog bike carrier is collapsible, meaning you can easily pack it and go.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Universal coupler compatible with all bike models
  • Adjustable pet leash keeps your pup safe
  • Durable steel frame


  • It has a low weight capacity
  •  Fabric is susceptible to tearing

5. ANOUR 2 in1 Pet Bicycle Trailer

small dog bicycle trailers


Anour might not be as popular a brand as other models on our list, but its 2-in-1 pet trailer is undoubtedly one of the best dog bike trailers you’ll find.

Available in color options such as blue, orange, red, and yellow, this bike trailer for dogs weighs 35 pounds, but it can accommodate up to 90 pounds.

It has a durable steel frame and a rugged 600d polyester fabric that is durable and breathable for maximum dog comfort and safety.

Like other small dog bike trailers on our list, the Anour 2 in 1 trailer has an adjustable safety leash to keep your pup secure whenever you are out on rides.

The two large-rimmed, 20-inch wheels offer a smooth, perfectly balanced ride.

It’s spacious enough on the inside and has four mesh windows for a great view and to protect your pup from bugs on your ride.

The marquee feature for this model is its collapsible, 2-in-1 design which means you can carry it easily and convert it into a jogger when the need arises.

It has a four-sided reflector material and flags for enhanced visibility on the road and increased safety.


  • Universal coupler design
  • Large-rimmed wheels for a smooth ride
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Excellent safety features


  • Limited weight capacity

Buying the Best Dog Bike Trailer

Ready for endless adventures with your pup on the best dog bike trailer?

Here’s what you need to prioritize for a quality purchase.

Size And Design

Since you want the best for your pup, consider its weight and height to purchase an appropriately sized dog bike trailer.

Ensure it has enough space for your pup to move around, sit up and even lie down.

Check out the design, too, as it also affects how comfy Fido will be on rides. Go for a model with a robust frame build like aluminum, sufficient airflow as dogs tend to overheat quickly, and a supportive floor so they can be comfortable on bumpy rides.

Review the wheel size too. Larger wheels on a pet carrier for bikes support more weight and are typically more reliable, especially if your pup is big.

Extra Design Features: Foldable Frame and Suspension

If you’re always on the go and plan to take your dog with you, a dog bike trailer with a collapsible frame that can double up as a stroller is even more beneficial for you.

You can use it even when you’re not biking and easily store it away when the need arises.

Look out for a pet bike trailer with a suspension system too.

The suspension absorbs impact, making rides on rough or bumpy roads comfortable for your furry best friend.

Hitch Connector

You want a bike pet trailer that’s not only compatible with your bicycle but is also easy to hook up.

Remember, the hitch connector affects how you stop and take corners. So, choose a trailer with a high-quality one.

Look out for models with features such as a secondary attachment point as it secures the trailer further, preventing it from rolling away in case the primary strap fails.

Handling And Maneuverability

Look for a dog carrier for bikes with features that make handling and maneuverability easy, especially if you plan to go on off-road rides.

Go for models with features such as a low, wide wheelbase as they are less likely to tip over at corners thanks to their lower center of gravity.

If you take many downhill rides, shop a dog bike trailer with an automatic braking system since it offers more control over the trailer.

Where to Ride with Your Dog on a Dog Bike Trailer

Best bike pet trailers

Although you can do it, biking with your dog on a trailer is not recommended on the roads.

It’s not just dangerous; all the honking and car noises can scare your pup.

The best places to ride with your dogs on large dog bike trailers are:

  • Dog parks
  • Less-traveled roads
  • Bike tracks and trails
  • Rural areas
  • Quiet suburban footpaths (go slowly!)

Unless your dog is very resilient, confident, and not scared easily, best to stay away from all vehicular activity!

How to Train a Dog to Ride in a Bike Trailer

small dog bike trailers

Like most outdoor experiences, riding in the best dog bike trailer is a new experience for most pups.

Here are steps you can take to familiarize your dog with a bike trailer.

Use Treats And Toys

Once your bicycle trailer for dogs is set up, toss your pup’s favorite toys in the trailer to lure them.

If they go in and come out or refuse to go in, try giving them a treat (we like Pawstruck’s natural dog treats), and then urge them to go inside the trailer using commands such as in or wanna go for a ride?

Repeat this over several days until they’re used to being in the trailer.

Make It Comfy

Like you, dogs love comfort too. That said, it’ll be easier to convince Fido to stay in a dog bike trailer if it’s comfortable.

Throw a blanket or pillow in, or opt for a model with supportive flooring to make the trailer appealing to your dog.

Start Slow

Once your dog is comfortable being inside the trailer, test how they’ll respond to a ride by taking a short, slow ride on a smooth surface.

It also allows you to familiarize yourself with the additional weight of towing your pup.

You can add more miles to your ride gradually if your dog takes to it well.

Additional Tips

Some final tips for using dog bike carriers:

  • Always secure your pooch while they’re in the trailer
  • Slow down when cornering to prevent the trailer or even you from tipping over
  • Remember, tipping over might ruin the experience and scare your dog permanently
  • Always give yourself an allowance to stop as the trailer will hit the bike and probably tip over

Taking a good bike trailer out for a ride is also a really fun dog-friendly date idea – do you know someone you could invite along?

Best Bike Trailer For Dogs

large dog bike trailers

A pet bike trailer lets you do all your favorite things simultaneously; you get to lead an active lifestyle, spend more time with your pooch, and let your dog enjoy the greater outdoors without expending their energy.

Use our guide above to find and buy the best dog bike trailer for you and your dog.

The Schwinn bike trailer is definitely the BEST all-around option, but it’s quite pricey.

Set your budget first and then grab the model that fits with that!

If you have a very small dog – think chihuahua – would a dog bike basket be better?

For well-trained and fearless dogs, these can be another alternative to a bike trailer for dogs.

Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions in the comment section below. We love to hear from you!

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