13 BEST Dog Friendly Date Ideas: What To Do With Dogs On A Date

What are some dog-friendly date ideas that both you, your dog, and your date can do together?

Dogs are a significant part of our lives, like all of our pets. And sometimes, we want to make sure a potential love prospect will not only adore us but will love our dog too. It really matters, doesn’t it?!

We have put together a list of dog-friendly dates that you can take your new interest in that will welcome your dog and theirs.

1. Take A Walk Together

dog friendly date ideas

Every date doesn’t have to be something expensive or flashy, there are plenty of free date ideas out there.

Sometimes taking a walk with someone is the best way to get to know them. If you live in the same area, you can meet up at the halfway point and walk for a while, or one of you can drive to the other and then reverse it the next time around.

You’ll find, as you and your date stroll around the neighborhood, that you will learn a lot about each other because walking your dogs will come so naturally that you might feel more at ease in each other’s company.

While you’re walking your dogs together, the two of you can discuss important things like what you enjoy doing, how you see the future, and how many more dogs you want to adopt together!

2. Go To The Dog Park

This date may seem obvious, but it really is a good idea.

Sometimes it’s good to be in a usual place when meeting a new person, so you feel comfortable. And your dogs will love it because they’ll be free to roam around the park, make new friends, and roll in things that you may not be happy about.

Still, the dog park is a place where your dogs can be themselves, which will likely prompt you and your date to relax, and that always makes for a fantastic situation when looking for love.

Bonus tip:

If your pup still has the energy to burn after the dog park, throw your favorite disc golf discs in the car and head to your local course.

Not only is disc golf dog friendly, and free – it’s another chance to spend time with your date in a beautiful outdoor setting!

And if your date also has a dog, what a great way for them to begin interacting with each other.

3. Go To The Farmer’s Market

dog date ideas

One of the best things about Farmer’s Markets is that they are typically held outside.

This means you can often bring your furry friends along and let them have a great time taking in the sights and smells alongside you and your date.

Farmer’s Markets make great dates because there is a ton to do, and you can sit and eat together or escape quickly if the date doesn’t work out.

Also, there’s always a lot of hustle and bustle, noise, and activity, so if you’re nervous or anxious about the date, some of that may make those first dates a bit easier. Often there are performers you can sit and watch as well.

Plus, pick up some healthy veges for your pet. Dogs can eat peppers and zucchini, for example.

4. Go To The Pet Store

Pet stores are fun because there are usually treats for our canine companions and new delightful animals to view or even interact with.

It’s a neutral location, and it may seem a little strange to have a date in a store, but the dating scene is changing every day. Coming up with new and fun ideas that aren’t filled with stress and pressure isn’t easy.

This is why we love the pet store. You can browse, chat, have your dogs meet, and decide if you want to take it further.

You can also have this trip to the pet store be part of a wider shopping date. There are many dog-friendly stores out there, many of which you wouldn’t expect to be. For example, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, or even Joanns!

5. Go Hiking

Most dogs love to walk. Our dog can’t walk enough and would stay outside all day roaming the neighborhood if we let him.

Hiking trails are lovely for dates because they’re quiet, and you are surrounded by so much beautiful nature it’s challenging to be harmful or get into a bad mood. Unless your date is going sour. If it is, you can turn around and head home.

We always suggest potential meeting partners at the date location and let someone know where you are going if you get lost or run into trouble.

6. Go To The Dog Beach

best dog friendly date ideas

Some areas with beach access leave a large section just for folks with their dogs.

It’s fenced-in and allows your pup to run around the beach and in the water—all without being held down by a leash or harness. Our dog loves the beach and can’t get enough when we bring her there.

A beach is also an excellent place for a date because everyone is happy and the water is relaxing, an ideal combination for a successful date. We suggest bringing chairs and treats so you and your dog will be satisfied for hours.

7. Have A Picnic

Picnics are also excellent choices if you have a well-behaved dog.

We all know dogs that like to eat all the food in the basket. Humor aside, picnics are the type of situation that will make the dog happy and set up a date scenario that is traditional and hard to beat.

A checkerboard tablecloth, a bit of food, and some beverages can make for hours of laughing and sharing in the park for an afternoon. Picnics are great for second dates or for people who have gone out before.

A date with someone with high-value women boundaries who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to say no will surely appreciate this type of outing where she can get to know you better than if you were doing the next idea.

8. Outdoor Movie Night

Many communities offer parks where people can gather and share the joy of watching a movie together.

These nights are fun and draw families, couples, and single people who want to laugh and cry together. What a great place to bring a dog!

In the same way, you would set up a picnic; a movie night requires comfortable seating for you and your date, a lovely blanket for the dogs to curl up, and some refreshments like sodas and popcorn.

This can all be planned ahead of time and can make for the perfect night.

9. Dog-Friendly Bars And Restaurants

More and more establishments are opting to allow dogs as long as they’re leashed and behave.

Some places only allow canines outside, while others have opened their doors altogether. It’s best to check with the location first before assuming you can bring your dog. It would be embarrassing to have to turn around and go home.

When you find a place, you and your date can meet with your pets and have a great time like any other couple who goes out for a night on the town. Only you both are better off because you made sure your dogs could come with you.

Other than this one, most of these dog date ideas are fantastic for alcohol-free or sober curious people. That’s one of the great things about taking dogs on a date – it’s not something that needs to involve drinking, nor is it likely to.

10. Rent A Boat

taking a dog on a boat

This idea could be a bit extravagant for a first date but it’s here to show you – there are actually plenty of different outdoor date ideas you can do, taking your dog with you… and these can actually turn out to be the BEST ONES YET!

See, if you’ve been seeing someone for a few dates and want to knock their socks off without leaving your dogs behind, renting a boat for the afternoon to spend out on the water is romantic and unique.

Your boat outing might be something your date has never done, which will be great if you want to win them over.

Renting a boat can get pricey, and there are safety measures you need to be aware of for yourself, your date, and the dogs. Be sure to discuss proper boating techniques with the rental company, so you are always safe.

And wear your life vest!

11. Go To Sponsored Events

Some towns have dog parades, others have get-togethers for dog lovers and their pets, and others have dog nights at major league baseball fields. Canines are more to us than a pet.

The world is starting to realize that dogs are members of the family and not to be stuck at home while we’re out having fun.

So, there are tons of dog-friendly events in every community, for the most part.

All it takes is a little time on Google to search for the most appealing gathering and an invite to your date of choice. If your love interest is a dog lover, they will appreciate that you took the time to find something.

12. A Night At Home

As relationships progress, staying in can be fun.

One person can make dinner while the other gets a nice bottle of wine. Since you are both dog lovers, it stands to reason that you would include your pups when planning this fun night at home.

Be sure the visiting dog feels comfortable and welcome in the new home by offering them affection, treats, and praise when they behave.

Plus, dating sometimes leads to more serious commitments, and staying at home with your dogs can give you a great indication of what it would be like to live together.

Best Dog-Friendly Date Ideas

Bringing dogs on a date is much easier than it was years ago, and, for that, we are ecstatic because dogs are great judges of people.

I would have a hard time dating anyone that didn’t like my dog. It would be harder to date someone that my dog didn’t like. So get to the bottom of it all right away and bring your dog on that date.

One final idea (the 13th you were promised) – grab a good dog bike trailer or dog bike basket and hit up the bike trails together. Basically, many of the things we do outdoors are also suitable for bringing well-trained and controlled dogs.

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