TimberWolf Organics Dog Food Review: How To Best Feed Your Dog

How does TimberWolf Organics Dog Food describe its brand and pet food products?

“Pet foods the way nature intended.”

The company recognizes that the secrets of excellent nutrition for your furry buddy are in their ancestral diets.

They have researched and developed a line of four dog food recipes mimicking the diets of ancestor canines. The formulas are designed to meet nutritional requirements and promote healthy digestion.

TimberWolf Organics Dog Food is unique from other pet food companies.

Their formulas are as rich as raw dog feed, but without the downsides like parasites, salmonella, vitamins, and minerals deficiencies.

TimberWolf Dog Food

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TimberWolf Organics have five main dog food recipes named as follows:

1. Black Forest

A recipe designed to clear dermatologic conditions and other issues brought about by allergic food reactions and the accumulation of toxins.

The recipe comprises ingredients like fresh New Zealand lamb, fresh deep-sea cold-water salmon, whitefish, and lamb meal.

It also contains a proprietary mix of herbs, lentils, flaxseed, dehydrated alfalfa, and inulin prebiotics.

2. Wild and Natural

This recipe comes in two small sizes; 121 lbs, and 241lbs pack.

The formula works well for working canines and dogs that live in areas with extreme climates. Wild and natural consists of at least 50% chicken and fish meal.

Also, it includes high-quality animal proteins like fresh chicken, spray-dried chicken liver, herring, and salmon. Additional ingredients in the formula include L-carnitine, chicken fat, Sardine cold water fish oil, and flaxseed.

3. The Dakota Legends

This formula comes in two smaller sizes; a 12lb pack and a 24lb pack.

The recipe mimics the natural hereditary diets of wolves. It contains Buffalo Meal, Whitefish Meal, Herring Meal, Fresh Salmon, and Fresh Lamb. It is also packed with carrots – to supply fiber and antioxidants, and sweet potatoes – a gluten-free source of carbs.

The product is grain-free, contains no fillers, and is perfect for pets with allergies, puppies, and invalid canines.

4. Wilderness Legends

Like the Wild and Natural formula, this option comes in two sizes,121 lbs, and 241lbs pack.

It contains lamb meal and fresh lamb sourced from New Zealand’s grass-fed, open-field raised herds.

The formula also has fresh salmon, White fishmeal, pumpkin for fiber and several minerals, dehydrated organic kelp, and a variety of probiotics to help alleviate digestion conditions.

The formula is suitable for working dogs, especially those with digestive issues.

5. Ocean Blue

This formula is refined and delicately balanced to meet the needs of dogs with digestive issues or senior dogs with slow tummies.

It contains Fresh herring, ocean fish, and spray dried salmon as the main ingredients.

It also has a blend of fruits, vegetables, herbal extracts, and organic kelp to add much-needed fiber. The formula is fully balanced and is perfect for pups, invalid dogs, and canines recovering from allergies and other adverse food effects.

TimberWolf Dog Food Review

TimberWolf Organics dog foods are fairly priced considering the high-quality product, along with the research and care that goes into the production process.

They are in the same price range as other top-quality, organic dog foods. The company introduced discounted combo packs that would help pet owners save cash.

One of the popular arguments for promoting raw feed for dogs is that your pet, just like its wolf ancestor, requires variety in its diet. Your dog, like you, was not designed to eat the same thing every day.

Not only would it be boring but also it is nutritionally deficient. TimberWolf Organics dog food recipes are not only rated five stars on platforms like Amazon but can also fit perfectly into a rotational diet plan.

If your furry buddy is not on the list of the top hypoallergenic breeds, you need not worry. The chances of developing allergies or experiencing adverse food and digestive issues will be minimal.

On the contrary, your dog will be strong and healthy. The pooch will also develop an attractive and shiny coat.


  • Healthy dog food
  • Full of superfoods, healthy oils, and quality proteins
  • Considers our dogs’ heritage


  • You have to pay a bit more for quality

Recall History

timberwolf dog food where to buy

From the TimberWolf Organics website, it is evident that the manufacturers are pet parents and are serious about quality and transparency.

There is only one recall. A remarkable feat considering they have been in the business of preparing top-quality natural dog foods for nearly 20 years.

The recall was voluntary and was done in 2008 after there were reports of sickness.  After that isolated event, the brand has maintained quality true to its character.

TimberWolf Pet Products

To conclude, if you are thinking of optimized natural dog foods. Consider TimberWolf Organics Dog foods.

They are tailored to suit your dog’s specific age, breed, and needs. Plus, TimberWolf Organics Dog foods contain all the required nutrients, are priced well, and are prepared with the dog’s wholesome health in mind.

And once your dog is clean and healthy, you might even be willing to let them sleep with you in bed!

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