5 TOP Glofish Fish Tanks: Different Breeds And Best Lighting, Food, Gravel

What are Glofish, and what is the best Glofish tank?

Glofish (sometimes spelled ‘glow fish’) are genetically engineered fluorescent fish that are patented and trademarked. The original, long-term goal was to modify fish so they would fluoresce in the presence of toxins.

Scientists in Singapore were trying to develop this new type of fish to help detect toxins in the water to help protect people using the local waterways. However, the first step was to engineer a fish that would fluoresce all the time.

The GloFish is the result of that undertaking.

Best Glofish Tank

GloFish Crescent Aquarium

  • 5, 10, or 20 gallon aquarium
  • Blue light LED
  • Internal filter
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Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium

  • 20 gallon aquarium
  • LED lighting
  • Anemone décor
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GloFish 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit

  • 20 gallon aquarium
  • Blue LED lights
  • Hood, heater, filter
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Some misconceptions still remain regarding how the Glofish fluoresce is achieved.

Some think the fish are dyed or injected. This, of course, is incorrect.

Instead, these fish have had their appearances modified at the genetic level – it is a bio-luminescent gene that causes the glow. Further, only their skin is fluorescent, the rest of their internal systems are not affected.

To enjoy the fluorescent effect, you can simply view them under blue light.

However, they are also rather bright under typical white light. To really enjoy the best possible effect, it is recommended to view the fish under a black light in a completely darkened room.

Although this fish is quite remarkable, its care is not. For instance, in terms of the size of the tank or the required amount of food, they are decidedly unremarkable.

Their needs are similar to other freshwater fish.

Additionally, they live up to five years of age, much like other aquarium fish.

1. 5 or 10 Gallon GloFish Tank

Glofish Aquarium KitVIEW LATEST PRICE →

One of the smaller tanks available, this 5-gallon aquarium by GloFish makes up for its size with the innovative design.

For instance, it features a curved, seamless, crescent-shaped front that is both stylish and designed for optimal viewing of these beautiful fish.

The kit includes a micro-filter and medium bio-bag to keep your GloFish water crystal clear.

To increase your enjoyment of these unique fish, the aquarium kit includes a blue LED light system to enhance the beautiful fluorescent colors of your GloFish.

Also available as a 10 gallon Glofish tank.


  • easy setup
  • blue LED light included
  • made of acrylic


  • five gallon allows for only two fish at most

2. Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit


Tetra 20 gallon aquarium kit

One of the more innovative aquarium kits, this 20-gallon tank from Tetra boasts anemones that sway back and forth with the filter current, providing your fish a perfect place to hide and relax.

Also, the included Tetra plants seem to come to life with the help of the Color Fusion LED.

In addition to these cool features, the LED light system cycles through a variety of colors, giving you an ever-changing sight to behold.

You can even pause the cycle on any color of your choice. In fact, everything about this kit is intended to allow you the most customization for the best aquarium experience.


  • swaying anemone
  • Tetra plants included
  • colorful LED lights
  • UL heater included


  • filter can be loud

3. 20 Gallon GloFish Tank

Glofish aquarium kit fish tankVIEW LATEST PRICE →

You can easily create an underwater wonderland with this 20-gallon aquarium kit from GloFish.

It comes with absolutely everything you need to get started (other than the fish). The included plants and yellow GloFish anemone help set the stage for a beautiful GloFish experience.

The Tetra Whisper filter ensures you are not distracted by any annoying sounds, and the LED light stick serves to enhance the fluorescent colors of your uniquely colored GloFish.

Finally, unlike some other aquarium kits, this one also comes with fish food and a pack of water conditioners. You can easily add gravel or other plants to the flooring, but all you really need is your GloFish.


  • fish food included
  • water conditioner included
  • LED light stick
  • plants and anemone included


  • does not include gravel

4. Small GloFish Tank

3 gallon glofish tankVIEW LATEST PRICE →

Available as seamless tank, this smaller 1.5 gallon aquarium from GloFish is a perfect addition to any office, dorm, or child’s room. It will also make a great addition to any classroom.

This tank is super easy to set up and maintain, making it a great choice for a novice wanting to enter the GloFish world.

It comes with the basics, such as a cartridge-based filtration system that includes an air pump and all the necessary tubing.

The included blue LED lights and the black aquarium background work together to expertly enhance your viewing experience.


  • easy setup
  • perfect for beginners
  • easy to maintain


  • extras like plants or heater not included

5. Fluval 13.5 Gallon Tank For Glofish

best tank for keeping glofish

For larger schools of fish, this Fluval aquarium for Glofish is perfect and can safely hold five to seven adult fish.

The filtration system keeps the water sparkling, and it comes with bright LED lighting to complement the glowing scales of your fish.


  • large enough for half a dozen fish
  • LED lighting
  • stylish aluminium water proof casing
  • easy feed canopy


  • does not come with accessories
  • pricey

Different Breeds Of Glofish

best tank for glofish

GloFish come in six different breeds of common fish varieties.

Glofish Shark

The shark is an smaller, elongated fish with sharp, narrow fins.

The Glofish shark is not actually a shark, it just looks a bit like one! It’s actually a minnow, and they are the largest variety of Glofish.

Glofish Barb

The Barb appears much like the Perch or traditional goldfish.

It has a smooth, rounded diamond body and a barbed dorsal fin.

Long-fin Glofish Tetra

The long-fin Tetras are exotic in appearance with their tails, dorsal, and anal fins stretching out in a sweeping elegance.

More striking is the whisker-like pelvic fin that sweeps downward like a kite tail.

Glofish Danio

Danios are small goldfish whose appearance is that of a sardine.

They are compact, allowing them to dart when spooked.

Glofish Tetra

The common Tetra is shaped much like a piranha.

It is circular with a bulging belly. The dorsal fin is prominent, overshadowing in size the soft dorsal fin, which, comparatively, is barely visible.

How Many GloFish Per Gallon?

As a rule, GloFish should be allowed up to three gallons per fish.

That being said, for these fish, more space is better.

For example, although they prefer to exist in groups, they often exhibit aggression toward one another in cramped quarters.

A small five-gallon tank, for instance, you should have no more than two fish.

For a larger 30 gallon fish tank, you can safely maintain eight to 10 fish.

Glofish Accessories

glofish kitsThere is a range of Glofish accessories to complement your Glofish fish and tank.

You may also want to consider these Glofish kits as a way of getting everything you need in one hit!

1. Glofish Food

best food for glofishGlofish brand food can be purchased, though your fish will also eat the regular food that say a tetra, danio, or barb would eat.

The claim with the Glofish food pictured is that it will make your fish brighter! So that would be the benefit of going with that product.

2. Decor

spongbob submarine for glofishThere is a large range of Glofish Decor available, such as the Fluorescent Plant.

Available in small, medium, and large, these unique aquarium plants will fluoresce when placed under your GloFish light.

You can enhance your GloFish aquarium with these plants by mixing and matching sizes as well as by choosing from a variety of colors (floral blue, green, pink, orange, yellow).

There is also a yellow Glofish anemone that you should definitely take a look at!

Once you have designed your unique GLoFish underwater world, you can sit back and watch these beautiful plants sway as you GloFish swim happily around their new home.

3. Gravel

Adding gravel is another great to customize your aquarium.

Aquarium gravel from GloFish provides you with a variety of choices when you are deciding how you want to customize your tank.

GloFish gravel also comes in a stone option if you are wanting a more understated natural look.

Additionally, you can choose one of the pebble accents to add a burst of pink, blue, or green.

Or, for a clean, glass-like appearance, you can select the clear ones, which capture the flickering of LED lights.

4. Lighting

There are a ton of Glofish lighting options available, depending on the size and type of tank you have.

This includes:

  • lighting for 20-gallon tanks
  • blue & white LED stick lights
  • 4 mode cycle lights
  • and many more

They look best under blue or black light.

Glofish For Sale

And last but not least, you need to buy Glofish!

Where are Glofish for sale?

You can pick them up here on Amazon along with all your other supplies.

Whether you enjoy glowing fish or the calming effect of glowing underwater flora and colored rocks, GloFish can add a striking appearance to any home aquarium.

For children, they can serve to amaze while also providing a fun primer into the nature of biotechnology.

If you have these fish or are about to get some, we hope you really enjoy them as we have!

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