5 TOP Self Cleaning Fish Tank Reviews: Self Sustaining Aquariums

What is the best self-cleaning fish tank?

Want to own an aquarium that basically takes care of itself?

Most aquarists share the dream of creating an aquarium where fish and plants can live in harmony with as little as possible human interference.

The good news is that self-sustaining aquariums do exist and we’re reviewing the top 5 on the market.

Self Cleaning Fish Tank

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Generally speaking, regular fish tanks require you to change the water frequently, usually once every week or two.

Conventional aquariums also require you to clean the substrate every so often to keep your tank inhabitants healthy.

Changing the water or cleaning the substrate means you’ll have to repeatedly move fish from one tank to another.

Not only can this result in a high amount of stress on your fish, but it also means frequent human interference is needed, which isn’t always possible or reliable.

This is where a low maintenance fish tank comes in.

With a self-sustaining aquarium, you won’t have to change the water or clean the substrate as often. This will help establish a healthier environment for the fish as well as take some tedious tasks off your chore list.

A self-sustaining aquarium also creates a natural food chain so the fish tank can take care of itself with little outside help.

1. Back to the Roots Water Fish Tank

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The Water Garden Self Cleaning Fish Tank from Back to the Roots is a small 3-gallon aquarium and an aquaponic tank 2-in-1 design.

The way it self-cleans is pretty smart; there’s a pump that circulates waste from the fish tank to the box of plants. The plants are then going to pick up the nitrogenous wastes so they work as fertilizer.

This operation keeps the water clean with minimal intervention on your part. However, the pump can be too powerful, so it’s not recommended for small fish as they may get sucked up.

The fish tank comes with several holes to house the cables of fish tank accessories, so you can customize your aquarium as you like.


  • Introduces a small garden
  • Allows for customization
  • Sturdy


  • The pump can be too powerful around small fish

2. biOrb Classic Aquarium with LED

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With a classic fishbowl look, the biOrb Classic Aquarium is a very popular option among people who don’t appreciate doing maintenance chores.

Despite its old-fashioned design, this fish tank comes with a few modern features including a built-in advanced filtration system that utilizes a 5-stage self-cleaning method: biological, chemical, mechanical, water stabilization, and oxygenation.

The biOrb Classic Aquarium is available in 4-gallon, 8-gallon, and 16-gallon sizes, decorated with a silver, black, or white trim for a stylish touch.


  • Traditional fishbowl look
  • Reliable operation
  • The filter needs replacement only every 4 weeks


  • Replacing the filter monthly can be costly

3. Marina Betta EZ Care Kit

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If you’re looking to grab a gift for a child who wants an easy-to-care pet, then the Marina Betta EZ Care Kit can be exactly what you need.

This fish tank uses gravity to keep the water. But unlike other products that also depend on gravity for cleaning, the EZ Care features a built-in compartment for dirty water. This means you don’t need to supply another container to catch the dirty water.

This self-cleaning aquarium comes with decorative pebbles to match the white, black, or blue color of the tank walls. Your only concern here may be the small 0.7-gallon size, which may be unsuitable for certain fish species.


  • Built-in drain compartment
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with decorative pebbles


  • Limited capacity

4. My Fun Fish Tank

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One of the simplest self-cleaning aquariums on the market, the ASOTV My Fun Fish Tank will deliver a clean environment for your fish at a very affordable price.

This fish tank uses a gravity-based system that only requires you to add clean water to get rid of the dirty water. You won’t have to worry about any complex filters or water pumps.

While this fish tank can be very easy to maintain even for a preschool kid, the main issue here is its size measuring around 4.5 inches on all sides of the area.

This compact aquarium is good for a single fish, which can be enough for many people and children. It comes with an aquatic plant, some aquarium rocks, and an LED light along with its batteries.


  • Takes up little space
  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for children


  • Quite small

5. biOrb Flow Aquarium with LED

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The biOrb Flow self cleaning fish tank is a great choice if you just want to keep a couple of small fish and don’t want to spend much effort taking care of them.

This sleek fish tank comes with everything you need to set up an aquarium. You’ll get an 8-gallon acrylic tank, a transformer, an air pump, and an air stone.

It also comes with 2 pounds of ceramic media, which offers an efficient biological filtration system that absorbs some toxins for clean and oxygenated water. Any excess waste is then trapped in a filter cartridge.


  • Modern design
  • Just requires monthly replacement of filter cartridge
  • Easy feeding access without opening the lid


  • Expensive for its size

Self-Sustaining Aquarium Benefits

Keeping your aquarium clean takes time and energy, which becomes even more of a hassle the bigger your fish tank is.

The process of maintaining and cleaning an aquarium consists of several steps including things like cleaning air pumps, changing water filters, changing the water, and vacuuming the substrate from time to time.

This is both time and effort-consuming.

Here’s how owning a self-cleaning aquarium can help you:

  • Have a better-looking tank
  • Makes going on holiday easier
  • Easier for children to look after
  • Save time on cleaning your fish tank
  • Great for busy people

With that in mind, here are our top picks for self-clean aquariums.

Self Clean Aquariums

There you have it, the 5 best self-sustaining aquariums on the market.

These are all excellent options to save you time and effort while keeping your fish healthy and happy.

Cleaning cloudy fish tanks is never fun, and not something anyone enjoys, so make it easier on yourself with a self clean fish tank!

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