Ultra Breeze Bee Suits Reviewed: Bee Jackets Or Suits

Bee suits are essential for beekeepers and sometimes for gardeners as well. An efficient suit should cover and protect all body parts in a complete manner. It should also be thick enough to prevent the bees from stinging through it.


In this article, we’ll review the characteristics of one of the well-known bee suits. The American brand Ultra Breeze is all about beekeeping. Their motto is to “bee protected, bee cool”. And that’s exactly what their suit offers.


Keep on reading this Ultra Breeze bee suit review to know what makes it stand out. You’ll also discover its features, specifications, and some of its drawbacks.

Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit Review


ultra breeze beesuit review

In this section, we’ll talk about what makes the Ultra Breeze beekeeping suit a special one. We’ll review its overall design, including zippers, Velcro, and pockets.


We’ll also discuss the fabric of the suit and its properties. As for maintenance and sizing, we’ll give you some tips on how to get them right.


Overall Design


ultra breeze bee suits


This suit is intended to be a protective garment against bees and other stinging insects.


It’s designed with a durable fabric of polyester and vinyl. It also has a roomy hood with a pliable meshed veil. Beekeeping veils can be especially important, particularly for beginners.



  • Zippers are hard to control with your gloves on
  • Size runs small
  • Brass zippers would need lubrication every now and then
  • The outer mesh layer is easily tearable


Zippers and Velcro


This suit is easy to put on and take off. This is because of its multiple sturdy YKK brass zippers. At the hood, there are 2-way zippers that allow for hassle-free use.


The chest and legs are equipped with zippers, too. These ones are covered with Velcro to seal them against bee stings as well as dirt and water.


Because of the zippers’ design, you won’t need to take your shoes off whenever you want to put on the suit. The suit has zippers from the ankles to the hips to make this step easier.


Moreover, the legs’ cuffs allow you to tuck the suit’s legs in your boots if needed. The suit also has strong wrist bands with Velcro to help you lock the sleeves tightly for ultimate protection.




To make the suit more efficient in your workplace, it comes with some handy pockets on both sides. It has 2 large chest pockets as well as a hive tool pocket on the back.



ultra breeze bee jacket


The Ultra Breeze suit is made of three layers of fabric. These multiple layers are to ensure maximum protection against bee stings. Yet, this doesn’t affect the fabric’s lightness or breathability. All of the layers are made of breathable materials that keep your body cool.


As for the hood, it’s also breathable and protective. It has a meshed front and a lot of room to provide enough ventilation. You can also lay it back away from your face when needed without having to take off the whole suit.


Since it provides both protection and ventilation, using this suit won’t force you to sacrifice one feature for the other.




When it comes to maintenance, the body and the hood should be separated. The suit is machine-washable and easy to clean with warm water. The hood, however, should be hand washed carefully to avoid damaging the mesh.


Both parts are to be washed without any addition of bleaches. They shouldn’t be wrung or twisted as well. It’s important to check the veil regularly for your safety. Any small holes can let the bees inside.




The size of the suit runs small, making it hard to get the exact right size. Get a size that doesn’t fit snuggly. A beekeeping suit shouldn’t be tight on your skin to prevent bees’ stingers from reaching you.


To get a suitable size, you’ll need to check the Ultra Breeze official website. It offers both US and international sizing guides. If the size turns out to be wrong, you’ll be eligible for a replacement.



  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds


What Makes Ultra Breeze Bee Suit Special?


ultra breeze bee suit review


What makes the Ultra Breeze suit stand out the most is its convenient fabric.


The fabric choice makes it the ultimate breathable, durable, and flexible beekeeping suit.


High Sting Resistance


Ultra Breeze made this suit with 3 layers of fabric in addition to an outer mesh layer. These layers provide you with high sting protection all the time.


They also eliminate the need for wearing heavy clothes underneath to avoid stings. Simple shorts with a tank top should be more than enough.


Knowing that it’s almost sting-proof would make you concentrate more on getting the job done. You may even consider leaving the bee smoker to rest for a while.


The Breathable Fabric


The suit’s mesh layers are made of a breathable mix of polyester and vinyl. This ventilated fabric balances your body temperature, thereby making the suit a convenient choice for both hot and cold weather.


Easy Movement


The suit is made of a flexible combination of materials. While wearing it, you can easily move around with the slightest amount of discomfort.


You can bend over, climb ladders, extend your arms, and spread your legs without feeling limited by the material or the weight of your suit.


Ultra Breeze Bee Jacket

ultra breeze bee jacket review

The Ultra Breeze Bee Jacket that comes with a veil is another option if you don’t require the whole suit, but it is quite different from the suit as well.


Features include:

  • Brass zippers for longer use over time
  • Well ventilated to keep you comfortable while working in the sun
  • Made from polyester so it’s light and not too bulky
  • Provides great sting protection when you’re under attack


It comes in 6 different sizes from small to XXL, so there’s an Ultra Breeze Beekeeping jacket that will fit everybody.


Ultra Breeze Bee Suits


There are a couple of reasons why we think the Ultra Breeze suit is a great fit. One of them is the fact that it isn’t limited to beekeeping only. It can also protect you against wasps, hornets, and yellow jacket stings.


Moreover, it’s easy to wear and take off because of its multiple zippers and Velcros. They’re also designed to close tightly to prevent any bees from breaking through. You’ll only need to add durable boots and heavy gloves.


The Ultra Breeze suit does live up to its name by providing ultimate breathability compared to many other beekeeping suits. Wearing it, you get to finish your work fully protected and safe regardless of the weather condition – even if you’re picking up an aggressive bee swarm.


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