3 TOP Goldfish Necklaces And Earrings: Exquisite Goldfish Jewellery

Somewhat surprisingly, there are a lot of goldfish necklaces for sale.

For fans of Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports, there is only one that matters: the Randolph Goldfish Necklace.

During a lockdown, someone sent Dave this great necklace as a gift in one of the unboxing videos. He loved it so much that he wore it for up to 6-months afterward.

He also received an actual live goldfish which he named Randolph, which is where the necklace fish got its name.

Randolph Goldfish Necklace

dave portnoy goldfish necklace

This is the same as the one Dave was gifted or, at least, very close to it.

It doesn’t get better than this high-quality, fish necklace.

It’s obvious that the chain is durable, and can withstand most of what you will throw at it!

Barstool Sports were selling their own goldfish necklace, which, as far as I can tell, was the same as this one. However, theirs cost up to $30 with shipping and taxes (example in this Twitter post).

This one on Amazon is a lot cheaper, and I think it’s just as good.


  • Goldfish made of resin
  • For women, kids, and men
  • Show your unique style
  • Give it to your mom
  • Suitable for a beach party


  • Not available in packs of 10
  • Not available for 1/2 hour delivery
  • Limited customer reviews for now

What more can we say?

You’ve just got to get one.

Fishbowl Necklace

best goldfish necklace

This one takes it to the next level with some stones and greenery in the small fish bowl as well.

While not being an identical match to Dave’s unboxing gift, it’s the thought that counts.

The description even states, ‘wonderful necklace, the best choice.’ So there you go.

It’s certainly going to be the lowest maintenance pet in your household.

Be different with this great fishbowl necklace.

Goldfish Earrings

goldfish earrings

And finally, the best alternative to the original necklace and these goldfish bag earrings!

It’s the same deal but in earring form.

Great for the ladies and guys who like that sort of thing.

Guaranteed to make a statement and turn heads. Best to be taken off before bed in order to avoid popping and the resulting soggy pillows.

So those are all the Goldfish jewelry we have to share with you for now – let us know about any other items you think should be listed down in the comments.

I think someone needs to make a necklace with a flaring betta fish or a glowing Glofish in it!


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