11 Weird And Wonderful Goldfish Facts You’ve Never Heard Before!

The goldfish is the most common aquarium fish found throughout the globe that has a noble history dating back to ancient China.

Even though this species of fish is quite popular, still many people don’t know about these fascinating and mesmerizing aquatic pets.

Hang on as we share with you amazing goldfish facts that will surely surprise you, help you better understand their characteristics, and be able to provide adequate care for your aquarium goldfish.

Fun Facts About Goldfish

fun facts about goldfish

Whether you have goldfish yourself, or you’re just interested to learn more about these amazing fish, these 11 goldfish facts will both surprise and stun you.

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1. Goldfish Scales

You can tell about the goldfish age by looking at its scales.

Each year, the goldfish develops a circular ring that can be counted on a goldfish to tell its age. However, you might need a bit of magnification as the rings are difficult to see without a microscope.

 2. Love For Tunes

Similar to our ability, goldfish can easily recognize music from different singers and composers.

A famous Japanese researcher conducted a study in which two famous music compositions were played. Over time, goldfish developed the ability to recognize tunes from each composer and registered a response accordingly.

3. No Stomachs

You might be surprised to read that goldfish don’t have a stomach.

You can easily feed them small amounts of fish food over multiple feeding sessions.

As they can digest food quickly, you might need to clean your aquarium more often due to their waste production. A water filter can also help in cleaning the water from fish excrements.

4. Fish Have Brains

Many people believe the myth that goldfish have a short memory of only a few seconds.

However, that’s not true at all.

Research revealed that goldfish can retain memories for up to five months. Goldfish are smarter than you think.

While using food as a motivational factor for reinforcement learning, you can teach your goldfish to interact with objects or perform simple tricks like swimming through an obstacle course.

As goldfish can retain memories, they can easily recognize familiar shapes, objects, and even recognize faces.

5. Cold Water Temperatures

It might be true for some goldfish types, but not all of them can live in cold water.

Ignoring the importance of appropriate water temperature can result in negative effects on your little buddy’s health, or even result in death.

It is important to know the type of goldfish you have so that you can set the correct water temperature for your fish to thrive in.

Therefore, do your homework, and explore different goldfish species before you decide on keeping them in your aquarium.

6. Goldfish Size

Most goldfish species grow according to the aquarium size they live in.

They show stunted growth when the aquarium size is small, the water quality is low, or when the fish are not fed adequately.

However, under ideal conditions, goldfish can grow up to a foot long as they age.

7. Tasting WIth Lips

If you already have a goldfish, you might notice them pecking around at everything they can get their mouth on.

Goldfish do this because they don’t have taste buds on their tongues. Instead, goldfish taste buds are spread over the surface of their lips.

8. No Eyelids

Have you ever wondered why goldfish don’t close their eyes while sleeping?

This beautiful fish species do not have eyelids and cannot blink. It is best to avoid light striking the aquarium, especially during the night.

9. Detecting UV Rays

Just like a sophisticated piece of tech, goldfish can detect ultraviolet and infrared rays.

They can see a wider range of colors when compared to the human eye. This ability to detect a variety of colors helps them in their hunting, finding food, and navigation.

10. Goldfish Color

The amount of sunlight the goldfish gets will determine its color.

Keeping fish away from a direct sunlight source will inhibit the development of color pigments, resulting in white scaly color.

It’s even more fascinating that the patterns and combinations each gold develops will be unique from the other.

The chances of finding two goldfish with the same patterns and combinations are nearly impossible. It’s a bit the same fluorescent Glofish as well.

11. Reproductive Capacity

You might be astonished to read that female goldfish can lay around 1000 eggs at one time.

However, it does not mean that each egg will be successfully fertilized by the male goldfish. Amazingly, goldfish can reproduce quickly and can thrive in a variety of conditions.

Fun Glofish Facts


best goldfish facts

We hope that you enjoyed reading the facts shared above and that they’ve helped you develop a broader understanding of goldfish.

There are still a plethora of goldfish facts to read on and a lot of aspects to look into that will surely help you develop an interest in this mesmerizing aquarium fish.

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