Chippin Dog Treats Reviewed: Lean, Healthy, Sustainable Dog Snacks

Chippin is a newcomer in the pet food market that uses sustainable sources of protein and other ingredients.

Not only are they reconsidering how pet food is made, but they are also guaranteeing that their food and manufacturing reduces greenhouse gasses and promotes sustainability.

Chippin is not only taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint over time but they are also changing the way pet owners see nutrition. Their pet food and lean treats for dogs are made with less than traditional ingredients like silver carp, cricket, and spirulina proteins.

What Are Chippin Treats Like?

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Many dog owners may be thinking that lean treats for dogs made with crickets are highly unusual, but there are so many benefits to feeding your pup this high protein, vitamin-rich kind of treat.

Chippin chooses to use sustainably-farmed, human-grade crickets, which require very little water to produce and have a smaller carbon footprint than proteins like beef and pork.

They also source additional ingredients like carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato.

The crickets themselves are a complete protein, and contain all 10 essential amino acids your dog needs.

These treats are not only hypoallergenic and easier to digest, but they have more omega-3 and B12 than whole fish like salmon.

Crickets are an all-natural, nutrient-dense, and are ideal for any dog, especially those with beef or chicken allergies.

In addition, Chippin uses superfoods like spirulina and chicory root, which are full of gut-healthy probiotics and fiber that can support digestion and ease some indications of IBD in dogs.

Chippin Treats Flavors and Varieties

Chippin offers the following healthy lean treats for dogs made with planet-friendly superfood proteins, including a vegan option.

  • Antioxidant Treats: These treats are made with cricket, blueberry, and banana combined to create a healthy, antioxidant-rich treat to help keep your pup healthy.
  • Superfood Treats: This lean dog treat contains peanut butter, pumpkin, and cricket protein combined to create an allergy-friendly, Omega-3 rich treat that your dog will love. This round and brown treat not only contains crickets, pumpkin, and peanut butter but has a hint of cinnamon.
  • Smokehouse BBQ Treats: These smoky, round, brown and crunchy treats use pumpkin, carrots, oats, cricket, hickory, and tomato to create a delicious snack for your dog.
  • Cricket or Silver Carp Jerky: These are soft and chewy square-shaped pieces that contain sweet potato, carrot, and more. Chippin’s freshly caught, oven-baked silver carp is a novel, digestible lean protein most dogs love. It’s human-grade meat complete with all 10 essential amino acids and Omega-3s, and it avoids accumulating toxins and heavy metals (like mercury), which other common fish meats like tuna may include.
  • Spirulina Dailies Vegan Treats: This veggie-packed lean treats for dogs feature one of the most nutrient-dense vegan proteins on the planet, spirulina. Spirulina is an algae that’s 55% protein and has 10 essential amino acids. Added with flaxseed, kale and carrots, this round and green vegan treat supports bone and joint health.

How Ordering And Delivery Works

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Chippin offers a food calculator that pet parents can complete so that they know the correct amounts for your pup.

When answering questions about your pet’s size and age, Chippin will create a customized plan that provides enough food and healthy treats for a 4 week period if you choose.

Orders are always shipped out the same day when placed before noon, and the next day if you place the order after noon. Your order will typically arrive within 3 to 7 business days.

To make sure you and your dog do not run out of treats, Chippin does have a subscription service in which they will time your deliveries for you, which makes for a stress-free experience month after month.

Chippin’s Packaging

Chippin’s commitment to protecting the planet doesn’t end with their ingredient list.

All aspects of the company are focused on making ethical and planet-friendly choices to reduce problems like plastic pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and offers forest preservation and restoration in high-impact areas around the world.

Chippin’s eco-friendly packaging is made from 29% post-consumer recycled materials, and all of the packaging from Chippin contains reused plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Sterilized milk cartons and yogurt containers are just a few of the materials that Chippin integrates into their packaging, and these are always appropriately cleaned and sanitized to be sure it is 100% food safe.

How Much Do Chippin Treats Cost?

If you purchase from Chippin directly, a two-pack of 5-ounce bags of dog treats costs $19.99, a variety pack of four 5-ounce bags of dog treats costs $39.99, and a 5 oz bag of jerky costs $11.99.

A 5-ounce bag of Chippin dog treats, that contains 30 treats, costs $9.99 if you buy it off Amazon. A 5-ounce bag of cricket or silver carp jerky, which contains 25 jerky treats, costs $11.99 on Amazon.

Did My Dog Like Chippin Treats?

I was concerned that Chippin’s cricket protein would not be a big hit with my dog. But my dog eats practically anything and nothing seems to affect his appetite – they’re not just turtle treats!

The additional ingredients in the Chippin treats were human-grade quality options like carrots, blueberries, pumpkin, greens, and other nutritional items my dog should be eating.

Not to mention, Chippin uses 1 gallon of water to produce a pound of cricket protein, which compared to the 2000 gallons it takes to generate a pound of beef protein means these treats have to be better for my dog.

In the end, my dog loved the treats. He didn’t even hesitate when trying any of the flavors but did seem to be a big fan of the Smokehouse BBQ treats. In fact, when I put out Chippin treats with other brands he always ate them first.

Chippin Dog Food

Chippin offers a line of planet-friendly dog treats (and food) that focuses on sustainable, ecologically grown ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Chippin uses much fewer resources and produces fewer greenhouse gasses than traditional pet foods and treats which allows you to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

If you would like to learn more about what Chippin offers or to try out their treats for yourself, you can check out their website or Amazon store front.

Once there you will be able to learn about how they incorporate sustainable practices into everything they create, as well as take advantage of their free food calculator.

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