20 Cats With Cowboy Hats – Meowdy!

If there’s one thing we all love – or, at least, we should all love – it’s a cat with cowboy hat!

We’ve rounded up the top cowboy hat-wearing cats to share with you today. We’ve got many different styles, sizes, and matching attire, but it’s the hat that’s important!

Cat In Cowboy Hat

First up is this timeless, leopard skin cowboy hat with leather and star details. This cat would be at home on the most exclusive red carpets.

Next up is this cat in a cowboy cat with cow patterning – especially for the cat who will be rounding up all manner of beast on the ranch.

This next cat has really gone all out with his cowboy attire, styling himself after the most quintessential cowboys of this millennium. You can pick up this outfit for your puss here on Amazon.

This one’s a little bit different – we’ve got a cat cowboy hat tattoo – with a bandanna to boot! Cat tattoos can be used to share your love of felines.

This blue mitted ragdoll is looking stylish in her cat cowboy costume – looks like she might be about to get in a bar fight too!

To be honest, I’m not sure if this puss-in-hat has been the subject of a taxidermist… but he’s rocking the outfit nonetheless!

Another cat in the hat with matching bandanna, this time in a wonderful cherry red.

This cat is not only a cowboy, he’s also the sheriff in this here town, and he is out to collect his biscuits!

This cowboy cat has had more enjoyable Halloweens – ‘um, could someone please sort out this strap?’ Almost a crying cowboy cat!

And we’ve got another cat sheriff – absolutely popping in this great hat.

Cat cowboy hat + bandanna go together like PB & J, don’t they!?

A Burmese in a black cowboy hat – see more like this one over on Amazon here.

If your cat is the type of cat that loves celebrating Halloween, make sure you go with this outfit or one like it! Your puss will be giving you lots of kisses for it!

A black and white tabby feeling cool in cowboy style – relaxing as he should be!

This purple pet cowboy hat is for the more feminine puss – you can pick up a hat likes this and more, over on Etsy!

This hard livin’ Texas cat has come straight from the ranch to sort out a serious mouse problem at Janet’s.

Now, this cat ain’t a cowboy, but he is the cow (or horse)! Pick up this fun cat toy (or annoyance) here on Amazon.

Here’s another example of that great cowboy cat costume – this little man looks like he’s having the time of his life.

I’m not totally sure what this is… a cowboy cat t shirt with a cowboy cat riding a cat?

And lastly, this beautiful puss looks all the better with a cute felt cowboy hat for pets.

Cowboy Cat

And lastly, have you ever heard the phrase ‘…herding cats’?

Here are cowboy cat herders – not a cat in a cowboy hat, but awesome nonetheless.

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