22 TOP Dog Food Delivery Services: Best Dog Meals Delivered To Your Door

What are the best dog food delivery services?

As you’ll find out, ‘dog food’ is too light a phrase to use when talking about these companies… These are ‘dog meals’!

Using top-quality ingredients and leaving out all the bad stuff, these dog food delivery companies will help support your dog to live its best life now!

Online Dog Food Delivery

Pet Plate Dog Meals

  • Fresh-lightly cooked dog meals with human-grade ingredients
  • They also stock organic treats, supplements, and entrees
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Raw Paws Pet Food

  • Dog food, treats, supplements, chews supermarket
  • Meaty bones, freeze dried food, ground meals, organ meat
  • Set up auto-ship meal plans
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Front Of The Pack Dog Food

  • Vet-formulated air-dried food
  • The benefits of fresh food with convenience of dry
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Whether you have a Jack Russel, a Labrador, or a German Shepherd, you will find the perfect home-delivered dog meal for your pet.

Most of these companies will take you through an online form to learn more about your dog so as to prescribe the best possible meal for them.

They are tailored and personalized for your dog’s:

  • Breed
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Level of activity

You will often be presented with coupons or other discount offers while signing up, so ensure you make the most of those if they pop up.

If you’ve never done the ‘order dog food online’ thing before, now’s the time to do it!

1. Pet Plate

delivery dog food


Pet Plate is the Shark Tank dog food delivery service.

They were featured on the show in 2015 and have grown exponentially since – both in the size of their business and in the quality of their offering.

Pet Plate customizes the type and amount of food especially to your dog, depending on its weight, age, breed, and sex.

Pet Plate reviews are very positive with the food being loved by dogs, and owners loving the convenient automated delivery service.

  • Quality human-grade food
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • Designed by vet nutritionists
  • USDA meats, fruits, and veg
  • No rendered meat
  • Each batch tested for safety

2. Front Of The Pack

freeze dried dog food delivery


Front of the Pack is all about air-dried fresh food.

Ingredients are 100% natural and because the food is air dried it retains all of its goodness.

They say:

Dogs are what they eat. And their diet is only as good as what’s inside it. Our vet-formulated range of food and supplements contains ingredients backed by science for your peace of mind.

The meals have the nutrition of fresh food with the convenience of bagged kibble.

They also sell quality supplements and treats.

  • Free shipping on orders over $20
  • Doesn’t need to be refrigerated
  • Made with quality USDA meat
  • Air dried slowly with low temperatures
  • No fillers
  • Dogs love it

3. Raw Wild


raw wild raw dog food

Raw Wild is a company supplying only raw dog food.

The big difference between them and other brands is that the meat is only wild elk and deer!

It’s not your regular beef, chicken, lamb, or turkey – that’s for sure!

We have an entire article on Raw Wild dog food, so be sure to check that out for more info.

  • Discounts for larger orders
  • May improve dog health
  • Free shipping
  • Premium raw dog food
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in the USA (animals meat raised in the US)

4. Chi Dog

order dog food online

Believing that ‘food is medicine,’ Chi Dog has created 5 unique meals for dogs.

These meals are called Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, and are formulated to deal with different problems that your dog might have.

For example, choose the Wood diet if your dog has a picky appetite or sensitive stomach, needs liver support, or has a ligament injury (read our complete Chi Dog review).

  • Made for dog health
  • Balanced and therapuetic
  • Vet-owned and operated
  • Using whole food and ingredients
  • Lightly cooked food (not raw)
  • Shipped to your door

5. Chewy

chewy dog food delivery

Chewy’s a bit different from the previous fresh dog food delivery options.

They stock and can auto-ship thousands of different pet food products.

When you find a brand and flavor or dry and/or wet food that works for your dog, just get it on Autoship and never have to think about it again.

Chewy obviously has a massive range of dog food and treat products, as well as vitamins and supplements, healthcare, grooming, toys, and more.

They have the top brands in pet food like Purina, while also stocking great options from more niche suppliers such as Merrick Backcountry.

  • Huge range of products
  • Frequent sales and discounts
  • Every diet catered for
  • Cheap dog food delivery
  • Regular free shipping on products
  • Fast delivery times

6. Raw Paws Pet Food

online dogfood

Raw Paws Pet Food sells raw and freeze-dried meals for dogs.

Their raw food comes frozen so you can buy larger quantities to keep in the freezer – especially good if you like to be prepared for anything (which one has to be in 2020)!

They also sell grain-free kibble, dog chews, treats, and snacks.

Everything is good for your dog and will help to support their overall health and well-being. Pick up some deals in their clearance aisle!

  • Great prices
  • Supports your dog’s health
  • Range of products
  • Best ingredients
  • Great for puppies
  • Home delivery

7. Darwin’s Raw Dog Food

dog food online

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products ship quality healthy meals for your dog and/or cat.

These are again raw foods for dogs that have been specially designed to be balanced and complete.

You sign up for a subscription that is renewed and delivered to the door when you need it – personalized for your doggo.

Darwins Raw Food is only made with quality meats and vegetables, with all the goodness still in it, and is great for your pets.

  • Fresh wholesome ingredients
  • Delivered free
  • Personalized for your breed
  • No grains or fillers
  • Improve your dog’s health
  • Passionate about pets

8. Chippin Dog Treats

cheap dog food delivery services


Chippin Pet creates environmentally friendly dog meals using protein that “minimizes the eco-footprint.”

They use ingredients like silver carp and crickets which are in abundance or do not use as many resources to grow.

Check out our full Chippen Pet review to learn more.

Chippin chooses to use sustainably-farmed, human-grade crickets, which require very little water to produce and have a smaller carbon footprint than proteins like beef and pork.

They also source additional ingredients like carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato. The crickets themselves are a complete protein, and contain all 10 essential amino acids your dog needs.

It’s different, but dogs love it!

  • Good for dog allergies
  • Quality vegetables like sweet potatoes
  • Great for dog gut health
  • A range of treats and healthy toppers
  • Uses overpopulated fish
  • Highly renewable food sources

9. Spot and Tango

best dog food delivery

Spot and Tango also allow you to create a diet custom personalized for your dog.

Their fresh food is made from only 12 simple ingredients but is a complete and balanced diet for all dogs from pups to seniors.

As with Pet Plate, and most of the brands on this page, the meals are specially formulated by vet nutritionists.

Spot and Tango are also well known for their ‘unkibble’, a fresh dry dog food.

Again this is developed by vets, made from 100% natural ingredients, and put into custom plans for your doggo.

  • GMO and hormone free
  • Cooked in small batches
  • Fresh, human-grade ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives or fillers
  • Personalized plans for your dog
  • Turkey, Beef, or Lamb

10. Nom Nom

nom nom dog food subscription

Nom Nom (aka NomNomNow) is another fresh pet food delivery service.

They don’t outsource their food production like some companies but make it all in their own kitchens. This allows them to closely monitor everything that’s going into the food from start to finish.

NomNom uses only restaurant-quality USDA-grade A proteins and vegetables, and all their product is sourced from the US.

These delicious morsels are gently cooked in such a way so as to retain as many of the good vitamins and minerals as possible.

Their dog meals are only cooked in small batches which keeps the ingredients well balanced and controlled.

Finally, these meals are shipped to your door when you need them for your pup to enjoy!

  • Fresh whole food ingredients
  • No subscription necessary
  • Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey
  • Cold, fresh, pre-portioned meals
  • Produced in California and Nashville
  • Food delivery for dogs and cats

11. My Ollie

online dog food

My Ollie is yet another great fresh, healthy food delivery service for dogs!

Your fresh dog meals from My Ollie will be tailored based on the dog’s age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight.

It’s perfect – it takes all the guesswork out of it so you don’t need to feel guilty about whether or not you’re feeding your dog the correct amount or type of food.

As with most of our featured dog meal services, My Ollie uses the best human-grade ingredients including high-quality meat, gently cooked fruits and veggies, and superfoods (like chia seeds).

All the while keeping all the bad artificial fillers, by-products, and preservatives out.

  • Free 2-day delivery
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • No by-products
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • 1% of revenue donated to rescue orgs

12. PetFlow

dog food home delivery

PetFlow is more like Chewy in that they are an online pet warehouse.

They stock a range of top brand dog food that can be delivered to your door according to your pet’s needs.

They have a vast range of quality food for dogs, including grain-free, allergy-safe, and RX diets. You will find a ton of options for each stage of your pet’s life.

Being a large retailer of dog and cat food, they also have toys and treats for sale as well.

  • 30% OFF the first autoship
  • Free shipping over $49
  • Member rewards program
  • Huge range of products
  • Flexable delivery schedules
  • Great support

13. The Farmers Dog

home delivery dog food

The Farmers Dog is another alternative for quality fresh (never frozen) food for dogs.

This company was started by a founder whose own dog, Jada, suffered terrible digestive issues. After switching to fresh home-cooked food, Jada’s problems disappeared.

This led Brett and his friend to start up The Farmers Dog to provide the type of food they wished was available for their dogs.

Using real food, The Farmers Dog has become a popular way for owners to get fresh food for dogs delivered to their dog, tailored to their dog’s requirements.

There are many stories of dogs with bad allergies or other issues overcoming their problems after a change of diet, so it’s something worth trying.

  • Fresh food – never frozen
  • Personalized plans
  • No preservatives
  • Free easy delivery
  • Approved by vet nutritionists
  • Affordable options

14. BarkBox

good dog food online

BarkBox is a little different again.

This company sends out a themed monthly subscription box full of treats and toys for your dog.

This is not so much a dog meal delivery service, but rather a provider of dog fun!

Each month there is a different theme to the Bark Box, from ‘Australian Outbark’ (with cute Aussie-themed toys and treats) to ‘Secrets of the Rainfurrest’ (with awesome rainforest-themed products).

This makes it so much fun for both owners and dogs to open each month!

  • Starts at $22 pm
  • Free shipping
  • Includes all-natural treats
  • Innovative toys for dogs
  • Easy to give as a gift
  • Upgrades available for extra dogs

15. Box Dog

pet food delivery

Box Dog is much like Bark Box, but there are some differences.

BoxDog only ships 4 times a year, but they are mega boxes, packed full of seasonal goodies.

The other big difference is that you choose what you want. There is a range of products to choose from and you can decide on those which you think your dog would prefer.

The categories of products include dog treats, vegan skincare products for dogs, toys, and even dog gear (or clothing) like scarfs, etc.

  • Free shipping in the cont. US
  • Handmade cookies for dogs
  • Discounts on extra add-ons
  • Fun dog-wear (like doggie backpacks!)
  • Durable toys
  • No contracts or minimum orders

16. TruDog

trudog raw natural pet food


TruDog creates a wide range of food, supplements, treats, and grooming products.

Their food is raw and freeze-dried and considered a superfood for dogs.

While this may not be adequate as a total and complete diet for dogs, it is perfect for treats and smaller meals.

  • Raw food
  • Free shipping over $47
  • Different sized bags
  • Raw protein packs
  • Dehydrated food
  • Healthy, natural dog treats

17. We Feed Raw

online pet food delivery

We Feed Raw is the second raw dog food delivery service we’ve got on this list.

Raw feeding dogs is a philosophy for many dog owners; that dogs in the wild eat raw meat (having originated from wolves), so they should continue to do so as pets.

Dogs can even eat raw chicken. It’s also known as the PREY model of dog food.

These meals are a complete and balanced diet for your dogs using only raw meats and vegetables.

Give it a try for your dog.

  • No preservatives or artificial additives
  • Free from antibiotic
  • Added vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet
  • Planned raw dog meals
  • Portioned for your pet
  • Delivered cold shipped

18. A Pup Above

best online pet food delivery

A Pup Above, aka Grocery Pup, are all about healthy slow-cooked dog food.

They use the Sous-Vide technique to cook their meals, which basically means they vacuum-seal the food in a bag, then cook it to a very precise temperature in a water bath.

This keeps all the nutrients and minerals in the food so it’s much better for your dog.

Choose from beef, turkey, pork, or chicken meals without the need for a monthly subscription.

Order what you need when you need it!

  • Sampler packs available
  • High in protein
  • Cooked slow and even
  • Made in USDA grade kitchen
  • Choose grain free or ‘friendly grains’
  • Free from pathogens

19. I and Love and You

home delivery pet food

From Boulder, Colorado, we have I and Love and You – which is a bit of a mouthful at first!

They make food for cats and dogs which can be purchased on their site or from a range of other retailers such as Amazon, Chewy, and PetFlow.

Their dog food is 100% Raw, never cooked, but either freeze-dried or dehydrated. You need to re-hydrate the food with water and the result is 100% raw food for your dog.

Also, pick up and try their super healthy kibble!

  • Free shipping over $40
  • No corn, wheat, soy, or rice
  • Great packs for pups
  • Available from multiple retailers
  • Find them in local stores
  • Purrs and wags guaranteed

20. Sundays for Dogs

best online dog food

Sundays Food For Dogs is another great dog food home delivery service.

It’s a familiar story among all of these healthy pet food companies – the founders have a sick dog and decide to do something about it!

This almost always involves changing their dog’s diet and giving them healthier food which has dramatic effects.

They only have healthy kibble at this stage, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they branch out into other ranges in the future.

They have a great tool on their site for comparing Sundays For Dogs with over 3000 other popular kibbles and dog foods.

If you prefer ordering your kibble off of Amazon, consider Kirkland dog food.

  • Air-Dried
  • Human Grade
  • All-Natural
  • No Anti-Nutrients
  • No Sketchy Ingredients
  • Delivered to your door

21. Crafted Kibble

dog food delivery sites

Crafted Kibble is another top healthy kibble brand for your four-legged friends.

Unlike some of the other purely kibble-based brands, Crafted Kibble is available on a subscription basis with a plan tailored to your pup.

The kibble comes pre-portioned so that you don’t need to waste any time measuring and thinking about what they need.

Every formula is vet-approved and all the ingredients are sourced from the US (and made in the US)!

Crafted Kibble is good for dogs of all ages and stages, so check them out today!

  • Premium dry food
  • Subscription-based
  • Free delivery
  • Personalized to your dog
  • All natural ingredients
  • Pre-portioned

22. Pallaby

dog food order

Pallaby supplies premium, pre-portioned, dry dog food.

You take a quick quiz about your dog so that they can determine the correct diet based on their age, breed, sex, and level of activity.

Your plan will automatically evolve as your dog grows!

This delicious dry dog food has been developed by vets, which we should expect if you’ve read through all the options this far!

Pallaby is on a mission to keep your puppy healthy as he grows through the stages of life.

  • Does include brown rice and barley
  • Top quality ingredients
  • Treats available
  • Contains nutrient-rich superfoods
  • See full ingredient lists
  • Sustains a healthy dog weight

23. Wysong

Wysong healthy pet food delivery

Wysong is synonymous with holistic, healthy pet foods and supplements (and has a similar vibe to Chi Dog).

They are one of the pioneers of healthy dog food, having been around since 1978 – long before many of the other companies in this round-up.

They supply food for dogs, cats, and… pet ferrets!

Wysong has created a state-of-the-art, nutraceutically enhanced healthy dog food and supplements with a view to preventing the long-latency diseases pets often fall victim to.

Their goal is to help your pet live the healthiest life possible!

  • Scientifically formulated
  • Dry, canned, or raw foods
  • Quality supplements for dogs
  • Long time in the industry
  • Non-thermal dog food
  • Dog food delivery service

24. Keto Natural Pet Foods

Ketogenic dog food delivery

You’ve heard of the ketogenic diet for people, and Keto Natural Pet Foods bring it to your dog!

Keto foods for dogs believe our pets weren’t designed to eat carbs, and so all their kibble is very low-carb (up to 90% less than other popular brands).

Using this kibble can help your dog to lose weight and optimize blood sugar levels. It can even reduce inflammation and itching!

This kibble has none of the bad stuff – no byproduct meals or artificial flavors. No corn, rice, or wheat. No potatoes, barley, or sweet potatoes. No cereal grains or tubers of any kind.

  • 30-day money back
  • Subscription-based (cancel anytime)
  • Personalized feeding plan
  • Free from bad stuff
  • Heavy on the good stuff
  • Home delivery kibble

25. Cali Raw

cali raw dog food delivery

Cali Raw is the first raw dog food company featured in this list, and they really care about dogs!

Their site is full of helpful resources teaching about the raw food diet for dogs, explaining the differences between the BARF and PREY models, and a whole lot more about dog health and wellbeing.

Their raw adult dog meals are beef, lamb, turkey, or chicken, and they also have puppy formula that is a mixture of meats.

  • Human-grade ingredients
  • No fillers in the food
  • Meats, bone, organs, and fresh vegetables
  • Turkey, Beef, Lamb, or Chicken
  • Options for puppys
  • 5-star customer service

Dog Food Delivery

best dog food delivery service

So those are the 25 dog food delivery services that we have to share with you today!

This is not a review or evaluation of the companies and their products, merely an overview of all of the best options out there.

Thankfully, most (if not all) of these dog meal services come with generous starter packages with up to 50% OFF first purchases or other incentives. You can get 60% OFF here for your first order of PetPlate, for example.

Whether you prefer to feed your dog raw food, dehydrated food, genty-cooked food, grain-free food, kibble, or any other number of options out there, these companies are your best first bet – try out a few and see which your dog likes best!


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