7 BEST 55 Gallon Aquarium Reviews: Fish Tank Kits, Stands, And Hoods

A 55-gallon fish tank is often the perfect size.

It’s not too big to need overwhelming maintenance and doesn’t cost a lot to set up.

And, on the other hand, it’s not too small and you are not so limited in the number and variety of fish you can keep.

Here’s what you need to know about getting a 55-gallon tank for your home!

55 Gallon Fish Tank

Tetra 55 Gal Aquarium Kit

  • Kit includes heater, filter, thermometer, hood, plant
  • EasyBalance Plus, Tetra Min, Aquasafe, and fishnet
  • Stand available separately

SCA 50 Gallon Fish Tank

  • Glass rimless tank 24x24x20"
  • Comes with skimmer and pump
  • Other filter accessories included

Aqueon 55 Gal Tank

  • Comes with everything you need
  • Hood, lighting, filter, net, food, conditioner, heater, etc.
  • Easy to set up

The type of tank setup you buy will depend on whether or not you already have certain accessories.

You may find it’s better for you to buy a 55-gallon fish tank KIT that comes with most, if not all, of the extra things you need.

A 55 gallon fish tank kit usually includes most of the accessories that you will need to get your fish tank up and running. This could end up saving you money compared to buying all the items separately.

Specialty items like aquariums chillers or fish tank powerheads are not usually included.

Keep in mind that the quality of the accessories in a starter set may not be as good as if you were purchasing higher-quality individual items.

Nevertheless, let’s delve into some of the kits and stand-alone 55-gallon tanks for sale.

1. Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium

best 55 gallon fish tank

The Tetra 55 Gallon Kit is our top pick.

It’s a glass tank that includes a hood and LED lighting. It basically includes everything else you are going to need as well.

The tank dimensions are 51.9 x 16.4 x 24.4 inches.

What’s included?

  • A 55 gallon tank
  • EasyBalance Plus – a water conditioner
  • TetraMin – tropical fish food
  • AquaSafe – get your water just right
  • 6 inch fishnet
  • 200 watt heater
  • Tetra Whisper Power Filter (up to 60 gallons)
  • Digital thermometer sticker
  • 24 inch Tetra hinged hood
  • 2 plant multi-packs and a boxwood plant
  • Brochure and instructions

These are all the essentials needed to start your aquarium.

You will still need to purchase gravel/stones, further decorations, a stand (if needed), and your fish.

Overall, this is a great tank that comes with basic accessories. Over time, you may want to upgrade items for a higher quality filter and heater.

2. SCA 55 gal fish tank

cheap 55 gallon fish tank

The SCA 55 gal fish tank is a mid-priced option – it’s not as cheap as our top pick, but a lot cheaper than our pro pick at the end of this list.

This tank comes with a stand, a sump, a protein skimmer, and a return pump.

You will also find a Durso Stand Pipe, Return T pipe, bulkheads, tubing, and bio-media included as well.

3. Aqueon 55 Gallon Fish Tank

best 55 gallon fish tank

The Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit has been a popular 55 gallon fish tank.

It comes with all the bells and whistles, you only need to add your fish and decorations!

55 gallon tank dimensions: 24.25 x 12.5 x 19.5 inches.

What’s included?

  • 55 Gallon glass fish tank
  • Hood and LED lighting
  • Aqueon filter
  • Fishnet
  • Sample food
  • Water conditioner
  • Thermometer
  • Heater

Basically, everything included in the kit above is also included in this set.

3. SeaClear 55 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium

55 gallon acrylic aquariumVIEW ON AMAZON →

The SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is a highly rated and very popular 50-gallon fish tank.

Yes, it’s not quite 55 gallons, but it’s so close. I didn’t want to leave it out because it does have great reviews!

This is an acrylic fish tank, which is less prone to chipping while being stronger and lighter.

50 gallon tank dimensions: 36 x 15 x 20 inches.

What’s included?

  • A 50 gallon acrylic fish tank
  • Aquarium cover
  • Reflector
  • Electrical 24-inch light fixture (you need to buy the bulb separately)

4. Clear 55 Gallon Acrylic Fish Tank

best 55 gallon aquarium


The Clear-For-Life 55 Gal Tank is a high-quality acrylic option.

Acrylic is a better option for many, despite often being thought not as good as glass.

It is clearer, brighter, stronger, and safer than glass, alongside other great properties.

Features of Clear-For-Life tanks:

  • 40% brighter than glass
  • 17 times stronger than glass
  • Safer than glass
  • Better insulation than glass
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in America

5. Red Sea Reefer

red sea reefer 55 gallon


This 55 gal aquarium for sale is one of the very best that you will find.

Red Sea Reefer is a highly respected brand in the marine world, and the quality is unmatched.

The aquariums have unparalleled specs and features and come with a beautiful marine-grade cabinet.

While this 55 gal fish tank with stand is expensive (comparatively), the value truly is there.

This is a tank for those who need the highest spec unit that will reliably serve you for a long time to come.

Features of this tank include:

  • Rimless and ultra-clear glass
  • Beveled edged glass
  • Stunning marine-spec cabinet
  • Top-notch sump and skimmer chamber
  • Micron filter bags
  • A silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
  • An integrated ATO with reservoir

55 Gallon Stands And Cabinets

55 gal stand

If you don’t buy a 55-gallon fish tank with a stand or cabinet, you’re going to need to buy one separately.

We think it always looks better when a fish tank has its own dedicated stand, rather than sitting awkwardly on a table or desk.

The Imagitarium Metal Stand is a cheap 55 gallon fish tank stand.

It gives strong, sturdy support, takes up a minimal amount of space, and looks amazing.

Features and specs:

  • Made from steel
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Dimensions: 48.5 x 13.5 x 29.5 inches
  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • Easy to put together

Alternative stands for 55 gallon fish tanks:

55 gallon fish tank with standThis cabinet has two front doors and an open back for easy access to service pipes and all the rest.

It is made of strong fiberboard covered in an attractive melamine laminate.



stand for 55 gallon aquariumThis simple but elegant stand with a scroll design is great for 55-gallon freshwater tanks.

It is made of steel with a moisture-resistant powder coat finish.


55 Gallon Aquarium Resources

55-gallon tank pros:

  • More space for your fish
  • Keep a variety of different species
  • Watch different fish interacting
  • More space to plant out and decorate
  • Looks very impressive in your home

55-gallon tank cons:

  • Takes up more space
  • Usually requires a dedicated stand
  • More cleaning than with a smaller tank
  • Cost of the tank/accessories

Those are all the 55-gallon tanks and accessories we’ve got to share with you for now.

This size tank is one of the largest that you can easily get shipped to your door, and sometimes it’s easiest and best to buy it from your local pet shop.

Fish tanks are one of those things where there can be a lot of problems with the delivery.

However, you’re very safe when buying through Amazon thanks to their shipping policies.

55 gal tanks are big enough to make an impact and allow you to stock a range of fish, while not being overly huge and difficult to manage.

They are a popular size among most aquarists.

You can also check out these 75-gallon tanks if you want to go larger, or these community tank ideas for a range of other sizes.



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  1. Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit is a good deal for a complete setup, less the rocks for the bottom. However, the filter is loud and will not work unless the water is 1-2” from the top of the hood so not good for turtles or other animals that need more airspace above the waterline.


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